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Evolution of the Dash visual identity


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Hello folks!

I proudly announce that we intend to present a new Dash visual identity for proposal voting within the next few days,

We have observed the work of both O&M and T&C, and are aware of the voting process that happened last month. However, many of us were not entirely satisfied with the choices that we were offered.

We know that the right branding would just... feel right... and neither of them did, in many people's opinions.

Our proposal is the work of a highly professional London-based studio. We think that maybe we can offer something that really feels ... just right.

This thread will be updated frequently over the next few days. Comments would be welcomed!
Thanks @Sahabia

I am very excited about the new visual identity. The team have done a great job... I have seen the previews of the concept. Great attention to detail, and with many use-case scenarios elegantly addressed. But we'll need to wait just a little longer, before we all can see the graphics.

Evolution of Dash visuals - Vote for freedom


The community has recently been presented with 2 options for a new Dash logo.

- The first was commissioned from O&M and paid by Dash Core then revealed to the community.
- The second appeared mysteriously around the same time from T&C.
- The O&M solution was broadly rejected.
- That left the T&C option which received mixed responses - however out of the two, was deemed preferable and has now qualified for funding.


- It looks like we'll be changing the most fundamental visual element of the Dash brand with an option decided on the basis of it being the 'safer of 2 options'.
- Because there was no announcement or invitation to submit proposals - only 1 company had an opportunity to do so. Choice is vitally important when considering something as important as a logo.
- We also believe that it is unwise to deploy a new logo in isolation to the broader brand. Dash is broad and complex eco-system that has continuity issues. There is great scope to improve not just the logo but how the broader Dash world all ties in, with a newly refreshed logo sitting on top of all that.