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Eralith YouTube campaign report


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Hi everybody

I am moving our reports from the old thread on Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions to here.

This is the final report for our Project Jetplane Youtube Ad. The main campaign has completed, and it is now running on the Bonus Reserve (meaning the appreciation of Dash from the day of the proposal to the day we paid the money over to YouTube.)

The proposal is here: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Project_Jet_Plane

Details of campaign submission are as follows:

: $30,000
Bonus Reserve: $7,342

Maximum CPV: $0.10
Maximum Popularity CPV: $0.20
Maximum daily views per user: 2

Number of Campaigns: 4
Jet Plane English: 80% Budget allocation, $24,000, 60 days | No geographic preference
Jet Plane Hindi: 10% Budget Allocation, $3,000, 60 days | No geographic preference
Jet Plane Spanish: 5% Budget Allocation, $1,500, 60 days | Preferred geography: Venezuela
Jet Plane Portuguese: 5% Budget Allocation, $1,500, 60 days | No geographic preference

Targeted Keywords:
alt coin mining,bch, bitcoin, bitcoin bitcoins, bitcoin coin, bitcoin crypto, bitcoin crypto currency, bitcoin mining rate, bitcoin trade, bitcoin trade rate, bitcoin wallet, btc, btc coin exchange, coinbase, coingecko,coinmarketcap, craig wright, crypto, crypto mining, cryptocurency, cryptocurrency mining, dash, digital cash, ethereum, ethereum wallet, exodus wallet, how to bitcoin, how to dash, how to ethereum, exodus wallet, jax wallet, kraken crypto, litecoin wallet, luno bitcoin, poloniex, roger ver, satoshi, segwit, shakepay, shapeshift, wirex

Targeted Interests:
- Payment Processing & Merchant Services
- Banking Services
- In-Audience: Avid Investors
- Investment Services

No age- or gender-based restrictions applied


1) Our YouTube channel. (This includes all our ad campaigns to date.)
Total views of our Youtube Channel: 1,490,562 views
We are very proud of the fact that we have told the world about Dash almost 1,5 MILLION times!

Demographics of our YouTube channel:


2) Results of the Project Jet Plane campaign.

Main campaign:
November 09 2017 to January 09 2018 (Two months)
Bonus Reserve campaign: It will run from January 09 to April 09 2018. We decided to spread this money over a longer period of time with fewer views per day, and to use the extra money only for the English ad.

Campaign statistics
Total impressions: 6240022
Total views: 1250732
Avg. CPV: $0.02
View rate: 19.61%
Clicks: 17640
CTR: 0.29%
Avg. CPC: $1.35


Cost: The total cost of the campaign.
Impressions: The total number of times YouTube served the ad to viewers.
Views: The total number of times a respondent watched at least 20 seconds of the ad.
Avg CPV: Average cost per view
Clicks: The total number of clicks the campaign generated.
CTR: Click through rate: The number of clicks per 100 views.
Avg CPC: Average cost per click.

1) Our campaign was much more successful than anticipated. We expected about 600 000 views, we achieved more than double that to date. And the Bonus Reserve campaign still has to run its course!
2) The gender imbalance is a problem if we want to reach the mainstream. For this reason our next campaign. "Border free love" is specifically designed to appeal to women.
3) Our Portuguese ad was by far the most successful with a view rate of 22.29% and CTR 0.43%. The Spanish ad (which was served to Venezuela only) did not do as well in comparison. We can only speculate about the reasons at the moment.
4) The most views for the English campaign came from India, in spite of the fact that we ran a Hindi campaign also.

We would like to thank the Dash Nation for your continued support. You made this campaign possible!
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