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Easiest way to get people in to cryptos


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can some one make a video based on this , and we should all circulate it :) :)

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dash represent single biggest threat to our financial system , our savings , our bank deposits, stocks etc, govt must act immediately to stop them.

Using dash , businesses can hide their true income , as govt would not be able to figure out how much income you are making, effectively losing out a huge revenue source for govt

As govt loses the revenue sources ,its forced to print more and more money, this printing however doesn’t solve the problem in long run and only ends up increasing the value of dash in the end

dash have been increasing at 300% every year

As you can except ,as the value of dash ( or bitcoins ) rise , more and more people will be enticed to invest in them and benefit from low transaction fess and possibility of evading taxes

All this means only one thing , honest citizens like you me and will be squeezed, we will forced to pay more taxes and more inflation eroding our money.

The only solution to this for govt to stop dash ( and bitcoin) , unfortunately its not easy cryptocurrencies doesn’t run on single computer and are distributed worldwide

Govt must figure out a way to stop this bitcoin and dash menace once forever, if not those who hold dash or bitcoins will become super rich at cost of rest of us !
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I like the "reverse psychology" concept you present...this idea that DASH is a counterweight to .gov malfeasance...I assume that is what you were going for.

However, that concept seems to get a little lost/watered down in what you wrote. I would leave out the portions regarding tax evasion, it conflicts the more genuine concept.

The type of tax evasion you write of occurs at the individual level and is irrelevant to DASH's challenge to the monetary cartel.
thanks , i am not going after govt malfesance in an open way

what i want to show is that dash or bitcoin represents an existential threat to current financial system and there is nothing the govt can do

even at the cost of showing these things a slight negative light

but lets face it, tax evasion is a huge attraction for your average businessman to get into cryptos
Oh, I see. Well, I might add that I feel the questions DASH asks are a superset of the questions in your post. By extension, getting someone to comprehend either set is what trips the wire. Once the questions are perceived, they cannot be unperceived!

So, keep asking the questions is what I say. You're doing a good job!
Lol :) why don't you just tell people that Trump hates Dash and Bitcoin?, you'll have all the sjw's invested in no time!
SJWs have nothing to invest but the money they pulled on welfare scams.

The best way to expose DASH is carrot. Crypto has a history of beating people with a stick while telling them they should like it.

Have you ever tried to talk a woman into blowing you by explaining how your dick is so amazing? If you whip it out and shove it in her face, you're making it incredibly easy to use. But, I doubt that approach is ever going to work...

The benefits of crypto are real, but they do not outweigh the barriers to entry. There is no DESIRE.

Make DASH usable in retail. Fix IX, and the barriers become less than the benefit. the little DASH logos at checkout counters IN THE REAL WORLD will be all the exposure you need. We have no need to appeal to cryptotards. We need real life.

Spark desire, and you won't need to convince her...