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DRK / USD now on prelude.io

That's awesome - I'd love to see DRK be less vulnerable to bitcoin volatility. Having said that, watch out - if btc skyrockets when you're not looking, someone could snatch up your drk and make a hefty profit.
Nobody want to sell me only one DRK ?
Here in prelude.. I can put a buy order higher. This is just to unlock the N/A in the front page of the DRK/USD pair... And to have at least one transaction in the history. May be this will attract people.. :D

Ok I just put more buy order (all buy order are mine there).... please someone sell me one or two to unlock the N/A !!!!!

I put 300 euros there and for the moment I have to buy DOGE with the USD then BTC then DRK. (on other site).....
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Nobody want to sell me only one DRK ?

I'm trying. I don't really want to sell any DRK, but to get a price there instead of "N/A" I was just going to sell you 0.2. I am having trouble transferring in though, and support has said they have passed my issue on to the developers.

Also I believe this will be the first USD/DRK trade on an exchange.
Yes anything just to remove the n/a. If you want I put a buy order of 1 bux..
It s the fisrt site for me where I was able to deposit $. Should be great to have usd/drk..

Edit : done, one buy order of 1 dollar just for you..
( if you don t want to sell drk ( what I understand very well) I can give it back to you...)
May be.... It's a great day for dark! Small step for Dark big step for the humanity ..:rolleyes:

For 0.2 DRK lol.. Champagne
Don't understand why there is no trafic here.
The site is new? People don't know it?

But we do our job....the N/A is removed from DRK/USD pair...
Yes I was speaking about prelude..

But thqt true it calm here too.

Some people prefer check one only thread.. Maybe than check a lot of threads...