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Development Update on Towers and Dash IAP integration


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All information about the proposal and details/screenshots/roadmap can be found at: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Towers

  • Update 2021-09-07: New shop screen mockup with prominent placed Dash buttons to show the 25% each player can save on purchases.
  • Update 2021-09-20: New UI is finished, updated some of the pictures below (new shop, featuring Dash savings)
  • Update 2021-09-21: Our new website is now live, it is still work in progress, but it helps to give a much better idea the direction we are heading :) https://towersgame.net
  • Update 2021-09-22: Much more screenshots and updates coming today, first upload to Steam Alpha Developer Days, will go live for anyone to play on Steam October 1st 2021
  • Update 2021-10-01: So this is the steam link to our game demo, scroll down and click on the green banner to download the demo
    And here is our towers discord server
    We are looking forward to hear your opinions ☺️ Dash version for PC and Android coming later this month.
  • Live Streams are at October 1st 15:00 UTC and October 5th 14:00 UTC (16:00 for most in Europe)
Sorry for the late update, we are still working on the base game and were very busy finishing things up, which has not yet been released and thus no Dash version is available. We are still in the beta test and plan for a release by the end of February 2022 and then will include a dash version too and update all the apis we created last year. Most updates on the game progress and the beta test is happening on discord or telegram, but we will update here and on all MyDashWallet social media once things are ready to come out. https://discord.gg/ePz4phSvDu
In related news, there was a lot of updates on the MyDashWallet bots running on all social platforms, pretty much all of them had some api changes and fixes needed, plus there is some more work with supporting newer features, commands. this was not planned, but we keep things running and while it is very annoying to be shadow banned on telegram and twitter, we think it is important to work on those things asap as well.
- Telegram shadow banned the bot in early December and after trying several fixes, we gave up and just created a new account and relinked everything to it.
- Twitter api was updated in January, we got both api account blocked in January and read-only shadow banned banned in February and instead of creating a new account, we talked to support and updated our developer account and now are in good standing finally. With the new api requests also go down to a few per day instead of constantly asking twitter on new updates.
- Discord had some library updates as well plus there is some new features for commands, there was some downtime early February, now works well again
- While twitch is not used much (we will use it ourselves when the towers game is out), it runs much more stable now and doesn't need our interaction anymore
The integration of Towers and Dash IAP also turned out to be a double-edged sword for me. While I appreciate the efforts to improve the gameplay, the execution seems to leave room for improvement. Interruptions at crucial moments are frustrating and really interfere with the overall enjoyment.

I'm curious to know if the development team is aware of these issues and if they have plans to address them in future updates. As dedicated players, it is very important for us to provide constructive feedback to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.