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Despite 50+ Crypto ATMs in Vegas, DASH Not Represented


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I recently relocated to Vegas. According to CoinATMRadar.com, there are 54 crypto ATMs in town, which, with a metro population of around 2.1 million, is a pretty high ratio. Yet, folks in Vegas have no easy way to buy or sell DASH from a crypto ATM.

Though one machine claims to offer DASH support, I found — after visiting the machine in person and communicating with the operator — it's not a fluid process.

Crypto ATMs in Vegas CoinATMRadar DASH.png

I sought to change that. Or at least, to be another data point for crypto ATM operators to know of demand for DASH. So here’s what I did:
  • I harvested information from CoinATMRadar.com of all Vegas-based crypto ATMs onto a LibreOffice spreadsheet, including the location of each crypto ATM, the coins supported, the operator and their contact information, the buy/sell fees, the type of machine, etc.
  • I found that five crypto ATM manufacturers were represented in Vegas
  • I reached out to each of those five crypto ATM manufacturers to inquire about their current compatibility with DASH. I was told:
    • BitAccess — “As of the moment we only support BTC.”
    • Coinsource — “We're definitely looking into potentially supporting other alt-coins in the future, however we currently only support legacy Bitcoin (BTC) at the moment."
    • General Bytes — “DASH compatibility is complete. Bidirectional ATM support and POS support. Standard since version 2018/02/01. Most existing ATMs were upgraded that week so all 1400+ ATMs and POS sold since 2013 are now compatible. Adoption of DASH ATMs has been above average over the past two months and still growing (up +17.3% over the past two months, this is higher than average for Bitcoin ATMs +11.1% over the same period). Only thing not yet working is Instantsend (more sep. Instantreceive) due to limited support in the dashj library."
    • Genesis Coin — “At this time Only BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH are supported.”
    • Lamassu — “Our latest version fully supports Dash out of the box but they're still shipping with the old software (that will change very soon) so they still need to be upgraded (https://support.lamassu.is/hc/en-us/sections/115000334152-Upgrading-Installation). It's free, but it's new software so operators might not have gotten around to it yet.”
  • I then contacted all the operators of General Bytes or Lamassu machines in Vegas (five operators representing 12 machines) with this message:
Hello, friend.

My name is Pete. I'm emailing to inquire whether you and your team at [INSERT OPERATOR NAME] will offer Dash on your [INSERT ONE- OR TWO-WAY] [INSERT CRYPTO ATM BRAND] machine at [INSERT LOCATION].

I just reached out to the General Bytes folks and was told that during the week of February 1st all 1400+ of their machines were upgraded to incorporate DASH. Thus, it should not take much additional work on y'alls end to add DASH, alongside [INSERT COIN(S) CURRENTLY INTEGRATED].

I just reached out to the Lamassu folks and was told that DASH integration can easily be done via a free upgrade (https://support.lamassu.is/hc/en-us/sections/115000334152-Upgrading-Installation). Thus, it should not take much additional work on y'alls end to add DASH, alongside [INSERT COIN(S) CURRENTLY INTEGRATED].

I'm new to Vegas but have been interested and involved with the crypto scene for a bit. And based on my research DASH seems to be the most polished crypto, in terms of real-world use cases, and with the upcoming release of Evolution, is poised to be the first crypto to gain widespread adoption.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care, and thanks for your time.


I received the following responses:
  • AllCoin Kiosk — “We do have DASH support, just have to let us a little bit in advance when you plan on going. Thanks for your interest!” After a couple more emails I informed them that I hoped to not just buy/sell myself but to learn if DASH was offered through their machine, just like any other supported coin.
  • Bitcoin Direct — emailed March 27th, never received a response
  • Bitcoin Raiders — exchanged texts with their contact/support/IT person who noted that the addition of DASH may be considered but they personally could not make the decision. I then asked, “Could you pass along my inquiry to your colleague who would make the decision on whether to add DASH to your machine? Thanks." and was told "Sure thing."
  • CoinCloud — emailed March 27th, never received a response
  • CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs — I was initially told via email “At this time we do not support DASH, but I'd be happy to discuss with you." After a phone conversation the operator said he'd look more into DASH himself and perhaps do a survey of users to see if demand existed to add DASH.
To conclude, none of the crypto ATMs in Vegas currently are integrated with DASH. Yet one operator (AllCoin Kiosk) seems willing to do buy/sell after being contacted directly. It's likely that should demand for DASH increase, especially as Evolution is unveiled, that operators of General Bytes and Lamassu machines would opt to integrate DASH. Also, other crypto ATM manufacturers (specifically, Coinsource) would be more likely to offer DASH support for machines.

Let's see what 2018 brings!
The cost of using crypto ATMs, combined with no less of an AML/KYC burden, makes me wonder why they even exist... Given DASH's purpose is to make such band-aids obsolete... I don't see how DASH not being represented in the dead-end that DASH is meant to make extinct is a bad thing?

"DASH doesn't have any $50 VHS instructional tapes available for sale at the flea markets I've visited. I told all my friends about it on the CB radio, but it didn't help."

And? Your point?