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DCG Q4 2023 Financial Statements


Dash Core Group
Here are the financials for Q4 2023. As noted with the Q3 update, we drew from the legal and infrastructure budgets to cover compensation payments during this quarter. We also closed out the Japan escrow as the parties involved with that initiative were non-responsive and/or have not made any requests for that funding for the years that we held it; the funds will be used for compensation costs. Given the complexities surrounding the financial reporting of the various budget accounts and the fact that we no longer are submitting marketing and BD proposals, we are discussing internally to potentially start submitting a single proposal for compensation, infrastructure and legal costs as these are all essential to the operations of DCG. These costs will still all be reported individually on the income statements but would no longer be reported as individual items on the balance sheets. Happy to discuss this with anyone who wants more clarity around this decision; it is the first step in trying to simplify the accounting processes.


  • DCG Income Statement - Q4 2023.png
    DCG Income Statement - Q4 2023.png
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  • DCG Balance Sheet - Q4 2023.png
    DCG Balance Sheet - Q4 2023.png
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