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DashNation we need you for BlockPay Ambassadors!


Dear Dash Community,

We are currently looking for new BlockPay Ambassadors, especially in the Dash Community. BlockPay enables any merchant to accept leading digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum at zero costs. BlockPay is a new easy way business to get started with digital currencies.

The BlockPay Ambassador Program

We offer you the unique opportunity to represent the disruptive new POS platform BlockPay in your community, your city, and your country. You will earn a percentage based sales commission for every customer transaction processed by your sold BlockPay integration. We have a diverse Team of more than 60 people in 30 countries and are now looking for burning Dash Enthusiast!


Dash is a strong growing community and we want you to be part of the new digital currency economy.

Questions? Write us a mail at:
[email protected]

Follow us @blockpay_ch and on Facebook