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Dashinformer update - merchant inquiry


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Hey Dash Nation,

We were contacted today through the dashinformer helpdesk by someone who spent his entire personal career selling products and services to restaurants and has a massive database of 50,000 restaurants and countless personal relationships.

He originally found us through a search for "Accept Bitcoin" and offered his services to get his 50,000 restaurants accepting Bitcoin. I had a rather lengthy phone call with him today and he seems very legitimate. He says he can bring us thousands and thousands of restaurants because that's what he's done his whole professional life, that's what he's good at, etc.

It seems as though restaurant integrations cannot proceed without first POS integrations which are a major hurdle. And yet, it seems like a strategic mistake not to bring this guy into Dash Nation, selling Dash to restaurants.

Any ideas how we use the services of this motivated industry veteran who wants to sell crypto to restaurants en masse?
One thought I had was to have a digital device on hand like an ipad that runs a dash wallet. The merchant can use existing POS and then accept Dash via the wallet similar to cash. That solves the integration hurdle, but then what to do about getting people to come in the door paying with Dash? Maybe we could offer a Dash-Back program, where if a restaurant accepts Dash, we could give 10% dash back for a week or month, so people earn dash by eating at the participating restaurant and then come back to spend the dash creating a closed loop?
Regarding a POS, have you had contact with @kodaxx who was developing a POS system. They ran into trouble but the project may still be salvaged if a new developer with the right expertise can be found.
Proposal on Dashcentral

You may also want to read the report on Dashwatch to get up to speed of the situation (link)
Have a phone call tomorrow with some higher ups at Google's ad team. Should have lots more information tomorrow regarding their stance on cryptocurrency ads and exactly where Dash stands.