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Dashcore 0.13 download PGP signature doesn't match?


I just downloaded the new wallet v0.13.0.0 from https://github.com/dashpay/dash/releases The .asc signature file shows the download has been signed by Alexander Block with email address [email protected] and key ID of EC105D04.

The Dash Core team page at https://www.dash.org/team/ lists Alexander Block with email address [email protected] and also links to his Keybase profile where I can get his public key. His public key is for [email protected] but has key ID 6102E091.

Why are the downloads signed with a private email address and not the publicized team email address?

More importantly, why do the key IDs not match?

Since anybody can create PGP keys for any email address, I stopped the upgrade right there. Am I doing something wrong or could the files have been compromised?