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DASH WORLD -- 1st Month Report, Expenses Breakdown & Future Work


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Dear Masternode owners and community members:

The block 465257 payment on 5/7/2016, out of which Dash World has received its 775.000 DASH share, marked an important moment for the Governance: we were the only “non core” team being granted funds to further the Dash Project’s agenda. It is a proof the Governance works and, at the same time, a big honor and a huge responsibility for us, something we do not take lightly.

The key findings outlined in...
... served as basis for the last month's work and as guides for ongoing / future developments.

We’ve been paid 775.00 DASH out of which:
  1. 461.5000000 DASH went to The Vanbex Group for their work;
  2. 139.2857143 DASH went to GreyGhost work. GG also acts as the Project manager;
  3. 10.6934426 DASH for the Video Transcripts;
  4. 14.0000000 DASH for Masternode rewards analysis and graph presentation of it;
  5. 131.6585714 DASH has been allocated for visual presentations material and promotions but not yet spent. Some of the money might go toward the business development.
A detailed Expenses Breakdown itemizes all the expenses and outlines all the work done.
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Some significant results are already visible. Dash Aims To Surpass Bitcoin And Become The Future of Money article, built upon the original @ericsammons piece Dash, the anonymous evolution of Bitcoin, has been published in The Cointelegraph by The Vanbex guys. In only six (6) days since its publication the article has been:
  • seen 4,126 times;
  • shared 555 times.
Therefore, I am pleased to point out that our one article has reached (it is still being read) by far more readers & has gotten many more shares than all the articles published by all the prior PR efforts put together. Also, while it has been only 10 days since our work has "gone out" (by the first publication of Eric's piece on 29 April, 2016) or website visits show improvements (it can be a coincidence or luck; 10 days are not enough to really gauge anything but nevertheless it's nice to see improvements):
  • 13.18% more sessions;
  • 13.83% more users;
  • 22.52% more page-views;
  • 8.25% more pages seen per session etc;
  • Screen shot of the report: http://postimg.org/image/wsdig13up/
    (sorry for obscuring the absolute numbers of our visitors stat but I think this might be a business secret so I do want to share, quite a significant number of users with our competitors that lurk here)

Dash World's focus on the "Micro-economy of Dash" feels more important and urgent than even a month earlier. “One of our top priorities from a business development perspective is to improve direct access to our network for end user," said Evan Duffield, Dash lead developer and founder. (source)

While no one can predict what great inventions are in the pipeline at the moment the crypto / blockchain arena are slowly being defined. User JuicyGrabs on Reddit put it correctly: “Some are 100% focused on flexible smart contracts such as Ethereum, others like Maidsafe are focused on recreating the internet, Ripple is a highly centralized Paypal, Bitcoin has now become a settlement layer, moving closer to being a commodity, an expensive and slow to move around commodity rather than actual money. I don't think there's any crypto out there trying to be good at being money the way Dash does.

The "creation" of DAO also shows great hunger - in the wider community - for decentralized organizations. As true digital cash, DASH is perfectly positioned, or is going to be perfectly positioned to grab its place in the emerging P2P economy and shine as its bedrock, powering it.

We are already working on developing ideas that would help to start:
  • positioning DASH as the monetary system and also
  • as the payment system;
  • presenting DASH as the Privacy Sentinel and, as such, enabling our "right to be left alone."
Dash World team is already in talks with @moocowmoo, @fernando, @AndyDark, @yidakee and is hoping to catch up with @eduffield and @Minotaur ASAP so all of us can help both @lisacheng and @hobbskevin in their work.

GreyGhost and @boblq are also working on Dash as the Privacy Sentinel project, both in spreading the awareness and creating Dash based products / applications these, and many other services, organizations and individuals alike would use. The synergy of services that need us and our advantages is emerging as I type.

Exciting times ahead!
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