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Dash Wallet for Android v5 (Testnet)


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We are planning to release an update to the Dash Wallet for Android. This update includes bug fixes and other enhancements imported from Bitcoin Wallet for Android.

It also includes:
1. Recovery Phrase Support (BIP39) - View your recovery phrase (12 word seed) and Restore from one.
2. Fix a crash problem on Android 4.4.x devices when clicking on a warning icon next to a high balance.
3. Adding a Copy Address command from the Request Coins screen.


This is for TestNet only.

Updates from Bitcoin Wallet (4.66 through 5.14)
  • Add option to report issue with selected payment.
  • Query a set of Electrum servers to swipe paper wallets.
  • Material design for Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above!
  • For Android 7.1 (Nougat) and above, support the new app shortcuts.
  • For Android 6.0 (Marshmellow) and above, bring back the ability to receive payments via Bluetooth. This means your customers can pay without being connected to the internet!
  • Nicely animated appearance of main screen on phones.
  • Fix background color in recent tasks list.
  • The testnet version doesn't make files world readable any more.
  • The app now requires Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher. This makes UI development easier in future.
  • Fix detection of network state. This needs the ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission.
  • Slightly more robust scanning of QR codes.
  • Strengthen security of spending PIN for all existing wallets, too.
  • Speed up wallet decryption when using a spending PIN.
  • Strengthen security of spending PIN.

Under the hood:
  • Update to bitcoinj/dashj 0.14.4.
  • Move 'Report issue' from the diagnostics to the main screen options menu
  • WalletActivity: Fix two WindowManager$BadTokenExceptions.
  • Prevent creating double spends when swiping a paper wallet twice.
  • Hopefully fix NullPointerException when scanning for files in directories
  • ExchangeRatesFragment: Fix NullPointerException when exchange rates could not be fetched.
  • Fix VerifyError on Android 4.3 and below because of usage of ReflectiveOperationException
  • Add 'low RAM device' to reports. Low Ram Devices use differnet encryption (less)
  • Fix storage encryption warning showing wrongly in some cases.
  • Decrease autosave delay to 5 seconds. [For Wallet file]
  • ScanActivity: If there is a problem with auto-focusing, just stop doing that rather than crashing.
  • Significantly bump up desired number of scrypt iterations again.
  • Speed up derivation of the spending PIN by switching to native code for Scrypt.
  • Fix rare crash when sweeping a paper wallet that has multiple UTXOs created by the same transaction.
  • Fix crash when requesting coins on Samsung "Knox" devices.
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There is an issue with the testnet app (even previous versions such as 4.65) that are connected to nodes that have stopped at block 188065. These nodes are all running Dash Core 0.12.3. Other nodes running other versions have the correct number of blocks at 200,000+.