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Dash Wallet for Android - Incentive Program to Fix Bugs and Get Screen Shots


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There will be a small incentive program to help me fix bugs and get screen shots for Google Play of the Dash Wallet in other languages.

#1 - Screenshots of Dash Wallet in other languages (max of 0.05 per language per device):
  1. Only for supported languages that are already in Dash Wallet
  2. Send screen shots of the app (minumum of 3: main screen, send screen, receive screen)
  3. Do not leave the keyboard on the screenshots.
  4. In the Send and Receive screens, type an amount. If your wallet is empty, we can erase the message about insufficient funds. If you want to hide your transactions, you can make them blurry before sending the main screen.
  5. Device used can be phones or tablets (any size)
  6. Send to [email protected] with your Dash payment address
  7. The first person to send screen shots for a particular language and device size will be paid. For instance, one person can send screens on a Russian phone, while another on a Russian Tablet.
  8. A person can send in screens on multiple devices and multiple languages. Keep different languages in separate emails with clear naming of languages used.
  9. English language screen shots are eligible for devices larger than phones.
  10. Screen shots will be added to the Dash Wallet GitHub (https://github.com/HashEngineering/dash-wallet/tree/dash-12.1/market) repo and the Google Play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hashengineering.darkcoin.wallet) and possibly used in other cases.
  11. Maximum of 1.60 Dash in payouts
  12. Some Languages we need include, but are not limited to:
    1. Portuguese (Brazil)
    2. Dutch (Netherlands)
    3. French (France)
    4. Russian (Russia)
    5. Spanish
    6. Indonesian (Indonesia)
    7. Korean (South Korea)
    8. German
    9. Italian (Italy)
    10. Turkish (Turkey)
    11. Greek (Greece)
    12. Bulgarian
    13. Chinese
    14. Vietnamese
    15. Japanese
    16. etc...
#2 - Bug Fixes from your Crash Reports (Max payment of 0.1 Dash per bug)
  1. If the app crashes, send a crash report (when the app starts) or from Settings / Diagnostics / Report Issue.
  2. If the app crashes and you cannot start it there is still a way to report serious issues at [email protected]
  3. If your crash report helps us fix a bug, then we will ask for your Dash address and send you 0.1 DASH per bug that is fixed. Only the first person to submit a crash report will get paid.
  4. This will be retroactive - I will go back through the emails of this year searching for crashes with bug fixes - there have been several.
  5. Maximum of 1.6 Dash in payouts. (16 payments)
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We have received about 9 languages for mobile phones and paid out 0.325 DASH.

We need high quality screen shots: No keyboards, few or no notifications on the top or bottom of the screen. No battery low warnings. Some of these things can be fixed with a graphics editor, but I am not paying myself to do the work.

Since the screen shots are being used to market this app, make it look like you use the app. Recently installed and empty wallets are not interesting for new users. Show that the app actually does something besides having a neat logo at the top of a screen with a big white space. If your concern is privacy, then you can skip sending the main screen, but include other screens like Network Monitor or Settings or Sweep Paper Wallet. There are many screens in the app.

Submissions will be rejected or payment reduced if screenshots have these problems.
Today we got a crash report on TestNet. User had the crash on the first run of the app as it starts. We found the cause of the error.