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Dash vs other cryptocurrencies


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2018 hasn't been a really good year for cryptocurrencies. Prices have plummeted and keep on plummeting in 2019.
But on the upside, prices are significantly lower from there ATH (all time highs) so it's a good time for investors to get a great risk reward on there investment.

In order for anyone to make an (Intelligent) investment they've got to understand the potential and use case of each investment. I've been in the crypto space for quite some time and haven't really gave Dash the time of day. I've focused on other currencies where I understand there path to market and use cases. The masternodes seem as a lucrative investment, especially in a bull market. But for me and I believe for many others that's not enough to make an Investment.

With this post I'd like to achieve pure facts with proof on dashes uses case compared to other crypto projects and to understand the mindset of the community around Dash.

The vision of 'digital cash' is great, but let's be honest what problem does Dash really solve that other currencies don't?

-When comparing transactions per second, dash is far behind XRP and Eos for instance and I don't see the potential of infinite scaling like Iota.

-When talking about privacy, again other projects like Monero outperform Dash.

-Transactions cost, again for example XRP has lower costs.

I'd like to hear from you (the community) how does Dash really plans to scale?What progress has been made? What's there plan to market? How much can Dash scale in terms of (transactions per second, fees per transaction, privacy, transaction speed...) ? Why would anyone use Dash as 'digital cash' when other currencies can be used in the same way?

The intention of this post is not to undermine Dash and the community, but to give up and coming investors facts with proof on why Dash is a good investment compared to other currencies.

P.S. I've posted this exact same post on Reddit. Got removed 5 minutes after posting.

Antti Kaikkonen

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Median transaction fee is currently about 0.0000037 Dash = 0.0002775 USD. I will much rather pay that than use centralized IOTA or XRP.

Scaling in Dash will be enabled by the decentralized masternode network. I recommend reading this blog post by the founder of Dash: https://medium.com/@eduffield222/how-to-enabling-on-chain-scaling-2ffab5997f8b

Masternode network also enables instantly confirmed transactions, decentralized funding and governance and in the future many other things such as 51% attack protection, blockchain usernames, etc..


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XRP can freeze accounts.

EOS sacrifices decentralization for speed.

Did iota solve the coordinator problem? Are you sure it's consensus mechanism is as robust as dash which uses a combined Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Service?

A lot of people (including famous youtubers) praise monero for privacy without knowing it's history of bugs that have affected both privacy and supply. How big is their blockchain? Hmm, maybe if they add masternodes... wait, Loki did that, how big is their blockchain?

When talking about transaction costs, are we really going to split hairs over micro-cents?

Dash is a better bitcoin, corny but true; it's faster and more secure. Instant Send transactions utilize the masternode network, thus an additional layer for attackers to get past.

What else could we do with a masternode network? How about amazon like services without the centralization and censorship?