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Dash User Request: Merchants to add to Dash Evolution


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Hoping your sales teams will reach out to some Canadian companies, or companies that deal with wealth preservation/hedging strategies.This would make my life a lot easier, between bank accounts and the like.

1. Shakepay pre-paid visa (Canadian but deals elsewhere I thinks). Shakepay already accepts Dash for fiat currency. However, that's not the issue. The issue is, can an an older babyboomer with little computer skills log on and see transactions occur merely using Dash Evolution? Or will they still have to work between two platforms, one being Dash Evolution, and the other Shakepay, like people do today?

2. Goldmoney - its international (was BitGold). They already accept cryptocurrencies, likely backed by financial interests in the Arab Emirates. Plus they have their own internal blockchain, and they sell Bitcoin (and the like perhaps), so they are no strangers. The problem is there pre-paid Goldmoney Visa won't deposit cryptocurrency funds. If Dash could somehow be a more reliable intermediary, this would be a huge incentive to everyone involved, in terms of cashing out into other linked pre-paid Visa cards internationally, like Shakepay mentioned above. Because currently if I wish to cash out using Goldmoney, taking profits, I have to A) trust those financing things in the Middle East, as woman who doesn't ever want to sue on such such foreign soil, and B) I have to use a typical bank transfer internationally which can take weeks.

3. Silvergoldbull.com (American) and Silvergoldbull.ca (Canadian). They already accept Bitcoin.

4. Sprottmoney.com They know the cryptocurrency world better than you might anticipate. I think things would be mutual in terms of providing liquidity globally.

5. If you wanted to showcase Dash in Canada, I would recommend breaking into the mining conference sector after Dash Evolution has a footprint. They are already familiar with trading, hedging and cost averaging, and they would be my number one crowd to attract. Try Cambridge House International for their conferences.You could go anytime you want albeit, but if I were a salesperon, I'd be more happy to be on board, if you could tell the older babyboomer how to work cryptos with ease in terms of Dash Evolution being a reality.

6. Amazon.ca and/or Chapters.indigo.ca. Enough said. Goodluck!

7. Tim Hortons, Second Cup, &/or Starbucks. This would be a good marketing strategy to get one of these, and pay for someone's first cup of coffee using Dash Evolution. A downloaded app, with an active hotzone, and a scanned brochure could give someone a free cup of coffee that you could give out "live" at conferences while pointing them to a vendor.

Very much looking forward to the release(s) of Dash Evolution! As someone who has invested in followed you guys over the years, I'm very impressed with your projects, and remain tremendously happy to be riding along with your efforts. Just hoping that there is some Canadian content in the not too distant future, or in reality, your efforts likely won't make a difference in my life beyond the usual. Hoping that the logistical part of my finances will be more streamlined eventually, if not to mention user-friendly, for the older and less technically inclined.
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