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Dash Trip - Dash Central Bug

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Marco Canelon

New member
Hey Dash Community,

During the last cycle, there was a bug in Dash Central at an interface level. Anyone using Dash Central and Dash Nexus was able to see two proposals: MedicinalGenomics_II and Dash-latam-expansion. Due to the stated, we thought Dash Trip was going to get funded, but it did not.

We believe this project has a tremendous potential, and because Mnos have already supported us. We would like to step forward and keep going with this project. We would appreciate a donation of 5 Dash to resubmit the proposal on Dash Central and make this happen.

The plan is to return the 5 Dash as soon as the proposal gets funded. Please if you would like to contribute with us here is our address. Lets make this project Happen


Thank you!!
Marco Canelon
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