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Dash to Adoption: Organizing Dash Spenders and Poll


Hey gang, on September 15th I will be launching the Dash to Adoption: 100 Businesses in 100 Days Campaign. I'm looking to organize a team of Dash users that will committ to giving all the new merchants I bring on a look, and if they see something they like, spending some Dash with them. If you are interested in this, please comment below. I will soon launch a sign up for where you can share your email and I will alert you when a new merchant is signed up.

The campaign will be hosted at SpendDash.com and all new merchants will be added to that directory.

Pease answer the following questions to help me with my mission.

1. What, if any, businesses do you currently spend Dash with or have spent Dash with in the past?

2. What businesses would you like to see accepting Dash so you can obtain neede goods or services using Dash?

3. What industries or types of businesses do you think are most likely to accept Dash?

Thanks in advance!
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I can answer for #2 and for me its buying airline tickets like cheapair.com or electronic stores like newegg or tigerdirect...these are a tad larger services but one day I would love to be able to use instant transactions with them.
VPN service: Torguard. I have used them for years. They accept all cryptocurrencies through the coinpayments shopping cart. I renewed my yearly subscription via Dash this year.
Bath and Body products and some agricultural services: www.CarolinaBees.com -- cuz... they is me. :) Shhh! My cover is blown! (hence "dAgrarian" - digital agrarian)

Amazon via purse.io perhaps? That would be cool. Overstock? It would be a good start to have the giant generalist retailers accept Dash.
PayPal-clone: Want to send someone $50 or 50 euros or... 50 fiat? I want a service that uses Dash as a transport layer for speed and privacy.
Apple: Because it would be ironic. ;)

#3 Most likely to accept Dash? That there is a tough question. It is hard enough to get folks to accept Bitcoin. I suppose crypto-savvy businesses that are concerned about the subpar in-person merchant experience of Bitcoin (Dash solves this with InstantSend). Also... not specifically business concern, but person-to-person transactions that folks want to remain private (as person-to-person often should be)... PrivateSend. I would like a PayPal-like experience where I can send my mother $50 where the intermediary is Dash... for speed and for privacy. And yes, I said dollars. My mother wants dollars. See #2 above. Remittance, but my mother is not overseas. :)

1. What, if any, businesses do you currently spend Dash with or have spent Dash with in the past?

2. What businesses would you like to see accepting Dash so you can obtain neede goods or services using Dash?

3. What industries or types of businesses do you think are most likely to accept Dash?

Thanks in advance!

1. i bought 2 dash stickers from the guys whos payment processor proposal was defunded

2. purse.io, local bitcoins, circle. if you can get anyone of those you will be from there on out referred to as "DASH Jesus"!

3. for you i would start with food places there in Austin so you could order pizza and drinks and stuff for your meetups, book shows and taking potential investors out to eat etc etc etc.
little independent bodegas would be cool too. i think you already mentioned hydro shops, vape shops etc.
Here we go friends!!!! DASH TO ADOPTION IS LIVE!!!!

Contact: John Bush - [email protected] - 512-815-7388

Crypto-activists Aim to Grow Dash Economy by Bringing on 100 New Merchants in 100 Days

Austin, TX - A group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts has launched a campaign that hopes to grow the number of businesses accepting Dash by over 150%. The goal of the project, called Dash to Adoption, is to set up 100 businesses to accept Dash in 100 days or less.

Dash, also known as Digital Cash, is a digital currency with instant transactions and a decentralized governance and budgeting system. The Dash to Adoption campaign is funded by the Dash Protocol as part of the Masternode Budget System, a feature that allows Dash to fund it’s development and marketing.

Dash to Adoption project leader, John Bush, who operates Brave New Books, the first brick and mortar in the United States to accept Dash, believes Dash is a great fit for merchants. Bush said, “the ability for businesses using Dash to receive payment instantly with no risk of chargebacks or double spending makes it an ideal currency for merchant adoption.”

The day the campaign launched the team had already on-boarded six businesses and organizations. They include Free Talk Live, a nationally syndicated radio program that played a major role in furthering bitcoin adoption, Liberty Radio Network, an online radio network, ApolloGenesis.com, an online health store, AgoristHosting.com, a website and open bazaar hosting service, the Center for Natural Living, a 501c3 non-profit based in Austin, TX, and TheHomestead.guru, a viral homesteading website.

While 100 businesses in 100 days may seem like a tall task, Bush thinks his team will accomplish their goal. “With digital currency adoption on the rise and the numerous examples of bitcoin double spending recently, Dash is quickly becoming a favorite alternative”, said Bush.

The Dash to Adoption team is encouraging existing Dash users to show some love to the businesses brought on board through this campaign by spending some Dash with them. Dash users can follow the campaign’s progress at DashtoAdpoption.com.

Merchants interested in accepting Dash or learning more can visit DashtoAdoption.com and fill out the contact form. Someone from the Dash to Adoption team will be in contact.


To learn more about Dash visit Dash.org
To check out existing Dash merchant visit the Dash Merchant Map and SpendDash.com
We have been talking a lot about HOW to spread DASH to the traditional SMB businesses that might not be computer savvy. One of the models we have discussed that somewhat achieve that on the local level was Groupon. Their sales strategy was pretty good and I have been taking some time reading about how did the Groupon scheme was sold to businesses. Is pretty genius, the things that have to highlight are the following:
  • No need to spend money on a Groupon offer
  • No need to spend time learning about Groupon workings
  • No need to spend time managing the groupon offering
  • Increase the exposure dramatically
Looking at some questions on Quora, I like the following testimonials:
I launched 50+ cities at Groupon from the marketing side. The first two markets (which were before me...) did take a lot of effort on the direct sales side. This was before most brick and mortar businesses were doing online marketing at all--because there wasn't an effective way to bring people through the doors. Trust and proving the concept, and proving that the concept was a real company was a struggle.
She then goes on:

True story, the first pitch had the language "have you heard of facebook and twitter?"...which we all joke about now. Persistence, qualifying the leads, and some early adopters who were advocates were the secret sauce to the company's ability to prove the new advertising concepts to the small business community.