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Dash the Brand


Masternode Owner/Operator
As Dash is growing and new businesses spring up to meet demand, how does the community view the following

1- "Dash" being used in the name of a business or in an Incorporated name? i.e. Dash Mart

@fernando could you chime in with some thoughts on this?
If you use the Dash name to malign Dash, you may draw the ire of the Dash community, but nobody (including Core) is in a position to stop it. Nor should anyone be in a position to stop it. Maybe some day the Dash MN network will vote in the creation of a legal entity that formally represents MN network and makes ownership claims on a Dash trademark, but that's a ways off in the future.

If you use the Dash logo, there may be some ownership claim/licensing on the part of the creator of the logo limiting its use (I've seen that discussed elsewhere in this forum).

Otherwise, if you want to use the Dash brand in a way that benefits the Dash community, go for it! That's the fun part of this stage of development -- there's plenty of room for everyone to do whatever they want, and they will generally find support for it.

Hell, I'm just a knucklehead noobie just like you and I can sound like I know what I'm talking about as if I own the thing, and nobody can stop me.