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Dash Talk - Amanda Interviews Sergej Kotliar, CEO & Founder of BitRefill

Mark Mason

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On today's episode Amanda speaks with Sergej Kotliar, CEO and Founder of BitRefill. Bitrefill helps make it easier to live on cryptocurrency with gift cards from the most popular retailers online and in-store.

Watch now:

Buy gift cards with Dash at Bitrefill: https://www.bitrefill.com/dash

Questions For BitRefill Timestamps:

00:50 When did BitRefill begin and why did you start it?

02:00 When did BitRefill decide to add support for other cryptocurrencies?

02:56 Which cryptocurrencies make up the most of your sales?

04:21 Why do you feel it's important for people to spend cryptocurrency for goods and services?

07:57 What is next on BitRefill's future roadmap?

Questions For Amanda Timestamps:

09:43 What are your thoughts on Dash's transaction volume?

14:14 Which countries has the most Dash adoption?