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MPOS dash.suprnova.cc

Ok some weird info. I can access the site and my account with a VPN as long as the exit is not a U.S. IP. For some reason a U.S. IP causes the site to not be reachable.
The pool itself shows dead unless I check with a VPN using non U.S. IP.
Is there something blocking U.S. IPs?
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I tested with several coins.
Decred and Zcash accounts i can reach on a U.S. IP. DASH and Monero I can't reach with a U.S. IP.
Nothing wrong on my network, audit of the configs of the routers and pen test shows nothing wrong on my end.
Any ideas?
I've been mining on this pool for a week or so, admittedly, the returns are dismal, not including the fact that your refresh rates of earnings aren't up to par.

Setup is easy though...hope that helps
The returns should actually be the same as on every other DASH pool. The pool itself is PPLNS, so it also prevents pool hoppers quite well.

However, I don't understand "your refresh rates of earnings aren't up to par" ?
So you are then saying that every pool out there will give the exact same return?

Refresh rates(Sorry not sure how else to explain it): Confirm, Unconfirmed and round earnings then also round progress.
After all of this, I look at Contributor Hashrates I get around 0.181 dash per day, yet in around 16 hours I didn't even get 0.1 Dash.
The other part is that 2 miners run at around the same hash rates, yet the one's difficulty is half that of the other?
Yes, you should get the same returns on every pool if you're hashing with the same speed.

I'll check the contributor hashrates calculation again, the code in there is quite old but it should work. In the meanwhile you can check your expected return at www.whattomine.com

Difficulty can be different due to different ports you use.. for example the nicehash port has a higher diff than the iBeLink D3 port.. Maybe one miner has many (slower) devices connected and therefore a low diff and the other has only a few high power devices connected, or is using nicehash and therefore a higher diff.. The return at the end is the same.
Okay, that I can understand.

Both the units are D3 and both are connected to the same port. What port would you then recommend I use? stratum+tcp://dash.suprnova.cc:9995 <- this is the one I'm on now
Firstly, thank you for actually being active here on your post...

Second, this still doesn't make a lot of sense to me. IE, this is 2 of the exact same miners (d3 17gh/s batch) on the exact same switch in the exact same room etc, connected to the same port on the same pool with different worker number...

Why is there so much of a difference the whole time?


Then a few minutes later, the two above will swop... Sometime a machine would go as low as 2, 000, 000.

Also, what's the difference between the auto-vardiff port and the NiceHash port?
In the last two days there is a problem in Supernova.cc pool. I work with 4 D3, but two days have almost fallen by more than half.
I am trying to mine, but all 0 in my account & show worker in offline.
Trying from ubuntu 16.04 with i5 6500 CPU

My Hashrate: 0.00 MH/s
My Balance:
Confirmed: 0.0000 DARK
Unconfirmed: 0.0000 DARK
Round earnings est: 0.0000 DARK
My Sharerate: 0.00
My Efficiency: 0.00 %

./minerd -o stratum+tcp://dash.suprnova.cc:9995 -u absiddiqueLive.dash -p
[2018-01-05 03:23:17] accepted: 0/225 (0.00%), 70.25 khash/s (booooo)

./minerd -o stratum+tcp://dash.suprnova.cc:9995 -u absiddiqueLive.dash -p
[2018-01-05 13:56:20] accepted: 0/5460 (0.00%), 62.52 khash/s (booooo)

./minerd -o stratum+tcp://dash80.suprnova.cc:80 -u absiddiqueLive.home -p
[2018-01-05 14:52:55] accepted: 0/45 (0.00%), 73.54 khash/s (booooo)