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Dash Sky - a Large-scale Aerial Publicity Project

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Creation of Dash Sky, a Large-scale Aerial Publicity Project


Cape Town has an established tandem-paragliding industry using the airspace in and around one of the world’s most popular tourism cities. Dash Sky proposes to buy a large sector of the billboard space provided by the paraglider canopies for the entire paragliding season, most of the summer months. In providing one paragliding operation with new, Dash-branded canopies, Dash Sky obtains a large amount of striking, environment-friendly publicity at a predictable and cost-effective price. The exposure is multi-layered, to the general public, to the paraglider passengers themselves, and to the passengers’ social groups, via social media, reaching several 100 000’s of viewers per year, all generally in the appropriate market segments for investment in Dash.


Formation flying for maximum advertising impact

Introduction to the Proposal Owner

The Proposal Owner is Slottle Addams, known as @DashingDude, a frequent participant in the Dash forums and a Com.Sci geek. Before creating Dash Africa he worked for many years as a software dev, manager, entrepreneur, and university lecturer. For 10 years, he worked voluntarily part-time as a network engineer, deploying a wireless WAN infrustructure at 17 schools in remote rural areas with the Siyakhula project.

Proposal Scope

The scope of the Proposal comprises a number of discreet components:
  • Obtaining of a professional graphic design for the paraglider canopy.
  • Contracting manufacture of a set of 6 canopies to ensure that the selected paragliding operation can only fly Dash-branded paragliders.

  • Contracting the paragliding operation itself to Dash Sky, including the length of the contract, presently seen as 2 years.

  • Design and printing of multilingual brochures for distribution at the glider launch site.

  • Provision of at least one branded gazebo and several Dash banners/flags for the launch site.

  • Regular inspection of take-off sites.
The Cape Town Environment

Cape Town, nestled at the foot of the World Heritage site of Table Mountain and its lesser peaks, is a stunning tourism attraction. For over 8 months a year Cape Town is full of tourists (1.5 million international visitors in 2016) who come to the area for a wide variety of reasons, including the extreme adventures which are on offer. Thus, the area over which the paragliders fly, either north of Signal Hill or south off Lion’s Head, is generally full of tourists, apart from the local population, and the general public would be exposed to the Dash branding repeatedly during the day.

Project Implementation

Project implementation rapidly follows on funding of the Proposal. The single milestone is manufacture/delivery of the branded canopies although that might be quicker than delivery of multilingual brochure material while that would not prevent launch of the project itself.

Brand Exposure

Exposure of the Dash brand to an appropriate audience is the prime objective of Dash Sky. In general, the Dash canopies would, on average, take to the skies 1200 times per month throughout the year, excepting the winter months. That said, brand exposure would then be achieved in 3 distinctly different areas:

Launch Sites

The launch sites are themselves popular tourist attractions, therefore often frequented by people other than those associated with the paragliding itself. Therefore, special attention would be paid to providing the sites with Dash branding by means of flags, banners and a gazebo, all specially designed for the purpose. The gazebo is important as a distribution point for multilingual brochures, again specially designed for the purpose and aimed at introducing readers to the concept of Dash and how to invest.

In Flight

Each paraglider flight attracts the attention of the general public, including many tourists, a total on which it is difficult to place a reasonable estimate but doubtless in the thousands. However, marketing statistics gathered by paragliding operations indicate strong brand recall by all spectators: at the same time, the market sector being reached is very appropriate to Dash.

Secondly, and equally important, is that the paraglider pilots take photos and videos for their clients and take particular care to ensure that the canopy branding appears in those visuals which are, thereafter, spread across the social networks, to be seen by hundreds of people around the globe for every flight. One paraglider operation alone has 19.5k followers of its own Instagram account.

Landing Sites

Both of the usual landing sites are in popular sea-front areas and attract much public attention: they are areas of high traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular, and provide the final component of brand exposure. However, they are not conducive to the same treatment as the launch sites.


A typical canopy at the landing site

Project Maintenance

The project is largely free of maintenance as it is entirely within the interests of the paragliding operator to ensure that its contractual obligations are always met. This ensures that the project remains free of unforeseen costs. However, Dash Sky does provide for regular inspection of the paragliding operation, if only to ensure that all equipment is in good order and that the supply of brochures is adequate.


Budget will be posted very soon! Est 40-50 Dash, but I will provide a breakdown of costs to arrive at a final figure.

Note: Hi all, this is my new pre-proposal. I would appreciate comments, as I will use your input to refine the final proposal during the pre-proposal stage.
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Thanks @UltimateCrypto ... yes, the consensus seems to be for a simple "Dash Digital Cash" as the branding for the gliders. Big, and clear.

We will do different branding at the take-off and landing spots, as we as at the sales office.

Wouldn't it be lovely to see Dash flying every day, whenever I look up? I hope I can make this idea work!
Thanks @UltimateCrypto ... yes, the consensus seems to be for a simple "Dash Digital Cash" as the branding for the gliders. Big, and clear.

We will do different branding at the take-off and landing spots, as we as at the sales office.

Wouldn't it be lovely to see Dash flying every day, whenever I look up? I hope I can make this idea work!
Okay, @DashingDude..Make it live don't forget this advert space are always highly competitive.so that no take up the vacant space you can book the save first.
This is nice. Paragliding never gets old-fashioned

Do you have already social networks accounts? I would like to see some pro pictures of this activity and imagine how the DASH logo would seen up there in different ways.

To help with this you could make some photoshop edition adding Dash logo to some paragliding pictures. I think this would be a better way of calling masternode attention.

Wait for your reply. Tks!
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