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dash retail ambassador proposal

Not for the Dash address, no. The only downside of that if blockchain scrapers can follow the trail back to everyone they've done business with... that didn't use PrivateSend. Private keys... nonono!

Not unless they'd rather avoid promoting their business and would prefer not to have it mentioned on the interwebz.

I'd mentioned that one because quite a few folks I know personally are interested in those kind of things but as far as your proposals go anything that gives you personal legitimacy would be a bonus, some anonymous dude on the internet saying "gimmi loads a money and I'll do stuff.. maybe" hasn't much chance of getting votes.

Voted "yes" here btw, you've given a lot of references that suggest you're not trying to hide who you are, the projects you've been involved with are in some fields that I think would be really good for Dash adoption at the grass root level, it could couple up nicely with the Point of Sale proposal and there's a surplus in the budget at the mo and this seems like something that could make good use of it. Some might see it as a high risk for the potential reward and maybe that it has other risks beyond simply not providing value but it's worth taking a chance on imho.
None of the merchants are trying to hide anything- they are courting the public for business in every way. I personally am happy to talk over the phone to anyone and dump all the info anyone would need to have comfort. My hope would that a well known Dash contributor will simply report back to the group with authority of their due diligence etc. I am just getting experience with these forums and worry ( perhaps improperly) that may good merchants I have known for years will step into a circle of bickering and infighting that would taint their experience . It would look bad for me if that were the case. Perhaps 1 in 250 will ever look at a dash forum in the next ten years. They will read emails or take calls . Thanks for the vote - last I looked there were no "yes" votes.