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DASH-on-Huobi.Pro Performance Report


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Good day DASH community,

It’s been some time that we have last spoke and us here at Huobi would like to report to the community. This report we have drafted details all that we have done with the credited DASH in increasing awareness and interest in the DASH project. Before diving into it, we would like to thank the DASH community for voting on this project. We value this strategic partnership deeply. To the masternodes who were skeptical of our proposal, we hope this update on the results would convince you that we have placed DASH interests at the forefront of this undertaking, and hopefully be supportive of our future endeavors together.

As explained in our post on 6 Nov 2017, we have not charged DASH for listing on Huobi Pro but we are integrating DASH onto Huobi Pro as a chance to bring your innovative project to our users. That said, we would like to give a short update on the market value and trading liquidity of this move. DASH was listed on Huobi Pro on 9 Nov 2017, allowing DASH to be traded by millions of Huobi Pro users from more than 130+ countries. Huobi listing DASH helped its market value, trading liquidity, as well as exposure to users. In the course of the listing day on Huobi, DASH market capitalization increased from US$2.35Bn to US$2.53Bn, a jump of around 7.7%. 24 hour trading volume also spiked around 65% from US$77.64 Mn to US$127.83 Mn upon listing on Huobi. (Source: Coinmarketcap)

On 3 Dec 2017, we received the 1,005 DASH tokens as proposed in the budget proposal. Since then, we have worked hard to spread the good word of DASH.

We at Huobi agreed with DASH community that solely a vanilla airdrop would not be wholly beneficial to the DASH project. It was clear through lively debate that the intention was to permeate the DASH project through the Orient market. Hence, Huobi looked to help facilitate spreading the word of the DASH project into the huge Chinese market and help DASH reach greater heights through more marketing campaigns and social media promotion. That we did through Live Broadcast Event, Article Competition, producing a Video, taken together have exposed millions of people to the uniqueness of DASH.

1. Four rounds of airdrop to more than 11,000 people

Four separate rounds of airdrops were conducted, airdropping DASH tokens to a total of 11,296 users. These four airdrops were crafted to engage and educate Huobi users to DASH, as well as, to trade and hold DASH coins. Each airdrop round has distinct stipulations to participate. See Annex A.

(i) Users who traded in DASH/USDT and DASH/BTC transactions
(ii) Users who participated in a DASH quiz hosted by Huobi
(iii) Traders who topped our DASH trading competition
(iv) Traders who deposited & held DASH in Huobi trading accounts

In order to highlight the interest payments aspect of DASH, we also ran an event where users who deposit DASH to Huobi Pro and hold it for over 1 month will get 8% annual interest. See Annex A.

The airdrops are done through Huobi exchange, depositing straight to our users UID. Hence, DASH block explorer will not reflect the airdrops.

2. DASH Promotional Posts on Social Media Platforms reaching more than hundred thousand

Huobi has continuously broadcasted through WeChat various educational promotional posts on DASH to explain to users of the Chinese market on the benefits and uniqueness of the DASH project. We have reached more than 160,000 followers on our WeChat account. This is on top of our other accounts such as Twitter (>35,000 followers) and QQ groups.

3. Live Broadcast Event reaching more than 20 million views

Raico from DASH was invited down to Huobi to discuss the DASH project for the Huobi Talk broadcast. Huobi Talk is a series of educational engagement produced for online viewership, where thought leaders in the Blockchain space are invited to discuss and analyze momentous projects and happenings. The educational outreach was well received. The broadcast on yizhibo.com had 20.8 million views to date, 1.5 million likes and 5,778 comments. The video is still available on yizhibo and is still available to view today. Prior to the live streaming, Huobi announced promotional materials through their social media accounts and other online channels, reaching tens of thousands. See Annex C.

4. Most Popular Article Competition

Huobi ran an article competition on 8btc, the leading Mandarin cryptocurrency forum. The article competition was the most popular ever on 8btc, receiving 48 participating entries. These informative articles have up to a few hundred views each and engaged different user bases. All the articles espoused the various perks of the DASH project. The article competition raised the profile of DASH and the competition through its social media accounts (e.g. Weibo, >11,000 followers). See Annex D.

5. Blockchain 100 animated video series

This is a hugely popular Blockchain educational series launched in collaboration with Huobi with great influence within China. The following of this animated video series is substantial, with more than 28 million views, and growing everyday. To drum up attention for the animated series, promotional social media blasts were conducted as well as multiple online platforms for viewing the video, amounted to tens of thousands of viewers. See Annex E.

We at Huobi are convinced that we have made a difference for DASH in this increasingly fast-paced cryptocurrency space. Huobi would like to thank the DASH community on giving Huobi the chance to cooperate with DASH on this project. This is only the first step of Huobi and DASH long journey, growing together as strategic partners.

6. Huobi is a DASH masternode!

On 23 Nov 2017, Huobi became a DASH masternode. This is because we here at Huobi believed in the DASH project and have chosen voluntarily to be part of the DASH ecosystem. This was before our budget was even approved. Huobi is proud to be a DASH masternode for more than a quarter of a year now. See Annex F.

Annex A: Airdrop


1. DASH Giveaway

From 11:00, Dec 19th to 11:00 Dec 25th, verified users who have DASH/USDT and DASH/USDT trading will have the chance to share DASH worth over 1 million RMB. Rewards will be given within the next 3 working days.

2. DASH Quiz

From 11:00, Dec 19th to 11:00 Dec 25th, verified users score no less than 80 points in DASH Quiz (ten questions), whose trading amounts rank top 100 will be rewarded with 0.01 DASH (worth 70 RMB). Rewards will be given within the next 3 working days.
Click here to enter the Quiz: https://www.wenjuan.in/s/NZJzEv/

3. DASH Trading Competition

From 11:00, Dec 19th to 11:00 Dec 25th, users whose trading amounts rank top 20 will get the rewards listed as below:
TOP1 10 DASH Mining Machines (Worth 100K)
TOP2-10 5 DASH Mining Machines (Worth 50K)
TOP11-20 1 DASH Mining Machine (Worth 10K)

4. Deposit DASH Get 8% Annual Interest
From Dec 19th, users who deposit DASH to Huobi Pro and hold it for over 1 month will get 8% annual interest. From 20th to 22th of each month, you can apply for your monthly interest. If you do not request for collection during this period, the interest of the month will expire. Please apply your monthly interest via sending email to [email protected](only for this promotion). Interest will be given to you within 3 working days once your application is confirmed.

Annex B:
WeChat educational outreach posts



Annex C: Broadcast



Annex D: Article competition





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It seems to me even do this was a big proposal, this was defiantly worth the exposure, lots of Dash volume on Huobi pro for Dash. At least it looks that way based on volume on the Huobi.pro platform Dash has.
I am not a Chinese speaker if any Dash'er here are please add some feedback on your point of view on the matter.