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Pointing to a Dash release, in my city Caracas, I started with a basic meetup, where I invited some of my colleagues to meet the revolutionary world of Dash.

With these meetings, I want introduce Dash to my colleagues, the technology, handling and versatility to carry out its transactions, change to fiat currency and even protect its money from the hyperinflation existing in Venezuela, taking advantage of the fact that we work in a public institution, this is an opportunity to remove the assumed illegality of cryptos that exists in my country and there is no better way to start than Dash Digital Cash.

City: Caracas.
Place: Oficina del Fondo Nacional de Bomberos.
Address: Los Cortijos.

– Brief talk on Cryptocurrency and digital assets.
– Dash Presentation
– Installation of Dash Wallet.
– Transactions through Dash Wallet.

This Meetup will be friday 25/08/2017 in the morning…
The first basic meetup Dash New Friends in the Office was a success. To be the first, my partners were very receptive and are very interested in continuing to learn how to use Dash!

The assistants:
Azael Accounting and Treasury Coordinator.
Adriana Revenue Analyst.
Daviana Accounting Analyst.
Joel motorized messenger and driver.

They were also colleagues of several who did not participate because they did not have intelligent devices, but they enjoyed and asked about Dash.

Organized by me, Alexis Lugo aka Jahlexis Tafari in charge of Technology.

I explain a little about what blockchain is, which are cryptocurrencies, what is DASH DIGITAL CASH and all the good things: mining, masternodes, transactions, security …

Four official Dash wallets were installed and the equivalent of $ 10 was transferred to each.
Everyone was very happy and eager to follow and learn more from Dash.

Installing the Official Dash Wallet.

The Group.

Daviana, the most happiest new user of Dash.

At the end we ate a litlle cake to celebrate!



I really enjoy doing this activity, and with your approval i hope host more of this Dash Meetup, with you approval...

This is My Wallet.

Thanks for your generosity.

Jahlexis Tafari!
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¡Hola Jahlexis! Excelente modelo de meetup. Te sigo en tus ideas y propuestas para seguir aprendiendo junto a ti. Saludos y todo lo bueno
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