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Dash Merchants Pitch, 200+ Exhibitors, 20,000+ Attendees and Youth Education in Africa, Ghana.

Dear @UltimateCrypto,

Tank you for time take to give all informative answers.
All MNO dont have time to read all media in Dash, your answers give to us, informations, need to appreciate your work.
At least I make a reservation on one point. I did not approve of the age of 14 years hold to promote anything, even revolutionary.
Not being there to appreciate the setting up, I give you credit that this is done with caution and responsibility.

You got my support.
Good luck for your proposal.
Exclusive Interview about Dash Hub Africa

From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade show has hundreds of benefits for your business. Establishing a presence, whether big or small, for your company at an exhibition gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to your existing clients, and building a more established and reliable brand. Dash is truly the future of money
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The first ever Dash Youth Development and Merchants pitch project start on 21st May 2018- 23rd May 2018.

Monday- Bonwire Circuit.
Tuesday- Ejisu Municipal.
Wednesday- Onwe District.

We are looking forward for your support on our proposal.
Dash to the world.
Dash Hub Africa Radio Discussion about Dash Digital Cash and it's opportunities to Africa. Also, we discussed about the upcoming Dash Expofair and Trade Display.
Hey Dash Nation!!!
It's left with about 23hours for the proposal closure....We so much appreciate your support!!!!
Please I have updated our #proposals "DASH Expo-Fair, Trade And Exhibition: MERCHANT PITCH, 200+ Exhibitors, 20,000+ Attendees (Exclusively DASH for Payment) AND DASH YOUTH PITCH Kumasi & Accra" kindly check link: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Merchants-Pitch-Youth-Education

If you have any questions, I am always ready to Answer.
Your Support is Ultimate for the better delivery and achievements we promised!!!!
Thank you.
The proposal that seeks to expand Dash Merchants and Users base in Africa. Need about 170 YES more to go. All businesses at the Merchant Expofair will be listed on www.discoverdash.com and Attendees can spend now Dash everyday at this outlets.

gobject vote-many 285558cecc8cfb410087a217254bb13a185f101a9e9dd314f3ff7ce780442586 funding yes

SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 16 2018 - 8AM - 10PM GMT***

Hi Dash Community,
The Dash Hub team is in KUMASI, the golden city of Ghana.
Our first Dash Expofair is Today and more update as we get over more Users and Merchants accepting Dash at this event.
In the week, I was at Togo, Benin and Nigeria expanding outreach of Dash. We are creating the Market first then the price will soon follow.

Live Link:



NB: This project is funded by Dash DAO through MNOs Voting.

Awaiting funding is the Phase 2 in Accra.
Dash Hub Africa held an Introductory Dash Business Directory (www.discoverdash.com) to Ladies where over 800 attended and less than 10% know about Cryptocurrency and Digital payment. Over 500 new wallets were achieved.

We are building an ecosystem for Africa that would make Dash become the mainstream currency spent here not excluding Women from Dash.

Please Watch the YouTube Video
Open Letter to MASTERNODE Owners.

Dear Beloved MNOs

I am so delighted to share with you current condition of Dash Hub Africa progress.

We submitted a proposal last month which was passed and funded with 49Dash last cycle, This proposal aims to achieve the core goal of Dash thus increased Users and Merchants in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Dash Hub Africa has successfully meet all Milestones and over delivered to show commitment and passion for this beloved network.

Our 2nd and last funding for this Ongoing Project is now defunded, Information gathered from the community feedback shows as a result of tight treasury,so MASTERNODE had to defund it to create more space for funds.

Am not against anyone decision to fund our proposal But I have to empathetic and state clearly that
1. The progress we have made with this proposal can't be disregarded.
2. We have signed contract with EIB network (Radio and Television) to Live telecast the Exhibition fair for more outreach. Kumasi is done and Accra is scheduled for next month.
3. On any platform I discuss this Accra exhibition show to move traffic and Dash Euthausist on that day (next month)
4. Businesses and Organization we reached out in Accra are expecting us in July 2018
5. We have put a lot planning and prepaid some expenses for this project since we were funded in June.

Am confident that this appeal note will be considered with utmost faith for us not have failed anyone, stick to promises and achieve more positive growth for Dash as we pledge.

Lastly, Do consider Africa ecosystem growth because this economy is at grassroots for Cryptocurrency and Dash should keep leading the race.

We don't want to abandon our progress because of funding, Your Upvote can make us progress in Africa.

Best Regards

Abdullah Adeleke
Dash Hub Africa Coordinator