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Dash MeetUp in Caracas-Venezuela


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Hi! We are going to make a Dash MeetUp in Caracas-Venezuela.

In this Dash Meetup (wildcard) we are goning to invite some friends to introduce them into Dash world (technology, concepts, mobile wallet, transactions, etc.), in order to bring to them the opportunities of this cryptocurrencie in their every day live and how to protect their money from the hyperinflation existing in Venezuela.

This is how we planed to do this:

  • Brief talk on cryptocurrency, blockchain and mining (example Dash)
  • What is Dash Digital Cash? (Dash Presentation)
  • How to buy or claim Dash in Internet?
  • Dash Caracas
  • Installation of Dash Wallet
  • Transactions through Dash Wallet

-15 guess top.
-Gift: 3.5 USD in DASH per person who assist and install the Official Dash Wallet.
-Prize: 1.5 USD in DASH + Genuine Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Licenses.
for posting in Social Media during the event like this:

“Thanks to @dashpay, @emprendobitco, @dashcaracas @jahlexis_tafari for my prize in DASH DIGITAL CASH.
I invite my friend @friend1 and @friend2 to follow and participate in the next #DASHContest

This way we gave the people 5 USD en DASH, for $75 total.

We will offer a tipical drink from Venezuela known as “Papelon con Limon”, is a drink made from sugar cane molasses and fresh lemon juice, which is served cold and is very refreshing. For attendees to have the first impression of positive purchase with Dash, these natural refreshments will be on sale by Dash on the day of the event.

This meetup will be on saturday 02/09/2017, 3:00 p.m.
: Caracas
Addres: Los Palos Grandes
Place: Entorno Corporal (https://discoverdash.com/item/entorno-corporal/)

Post in: https://discoverdash.com/event-pro/dash-meetup-in-caracas-venezuela/

NOTE: the post in social networks will be in spanish, because our readers are from Latin America.



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Hello, everybody.

We just had our meetup in Caracas-Venezuela, there was 16 of us, 3 organizers and 13 participants.

@Jahlexis Tafari Lugo explained what is blockchain, what is cryptocurrency and talk a little about minning.

@algodon.franelas explained what is DASH and introduced @dashcaracas

I talked about how to earn DASH and offered his counseling.

People got 3.5 USD in DASH for coming, and 1.5 USD in DASH for posting in their social media, mentioning $DASH.

Finally, we offered "papelón con limón", a refreshing beverage from our country, which they payed with DASH.


Facebook Album: https://goo.gl/hMyAnX





It was a rewarding experience for all of us, organizers and participants.

Thank you very much.