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Dash Lamassu Integration Official Thread

Ira Miller and Daniel Diaz are MIA? Fake Scamassu Proposal that had nothing to do with lamassu is a complete and utter failure. Any core team members still defending this proposal? Making excuses? From what I'm seeing no body wants to hold the hot potato, it's musical chairs with a group of 5 guys and only 1 chair exists. Maybe this is core teams way of silently getting rid of the of people like Daniel Diaz

A new video with an ATM was posted.

Is this related to the lamassu product ?
If yes, and if this product will be released soon, this is good news.

But I am a little bit sceptical , because 9 month before a similar video appeared...

....but still no product is available yet.

So I hope this new video is good news, but I am not sure about it....:confused:
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