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DASH is the Tesla of Crypto


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Hello Dash Nation!

I just had this crazy idea for a proposal. But before I even jump into the rabbit hole I'd like to see if there is enough interest in the community.

But first, a disclosure:

I have investment in Tesla. I also have a Dash masternode. I’m passionate and have a vested interest in the success of both. I see the passion in Dash Nation to be similar to that of the cult following of Tesla Owners around the world. I’d like to see these two global communities marry each other and start a beautiful family together.

The basic idea is to promote DASH by bootstrapping it to the Tesla brand. Tesla has a strong “brand equity” (think Apple). Tesla’s cult following around the world is legendary.

So what’s the pitch?

A DASH-branded Tesla Model S.

Below is a rough draft of the idea. I don’t have details on the logistics and costs yet. We can hash that out later. For now I just want to see if there’s enough interest in the community for me to pursue this further.
  1. Buy/lease the most affordable Tesla Model S (i.e. 60D or 75D).
  2. Have it custom-painted with official DASH branding (color scheme, logo)
  3. Come up with a cool name: i.e DASH Electric Mobile or something.
  4. Promote it on Tesla Forums, meetups, etc.
  5. Promote it on social media (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc.)
  6. Get mainstream media coverage (Forbes, Bloomberg, etc.)
  7. Drive it around my hood in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada—go as far as Vegas and hangout at the Tesla Gigafactory, and even drive as far as Vancouver Canada).

What’s in it for me? I get to drive a Tesla while promoting the two things I’m passionate about: Dash and Tesla. That’s a sweet deal! :)

What’s in it for the Dash Community? We get to bootstrap to the popularity of the Tesla brand, while at the same time introduce Dash to the Tesla community around the world.

It’s a win-win-win, IMHO.

Now let’s have a discussion to see if this proposal has legs!


Or hire two of them and have a race? - just a random idea

possibly. but here's something to think about. these Tesla owners are rich already. they are doing this for fun and passion. not sure if they'd be interested to be "hired" to promote a new crypto. but that something that can be explored.
@c4chaos First of I just want to say thanks for all the good work I see you doing promoting DASH on twitter. It is very much appreciated.

With regard to proposal, let me get this straight so i'm understanding it clearly. You want the treasury to buy you a Tesla car with DASH branding?...

With the hope that the media coverage it generates would be worth the expense of purchasing a new custom car. I strongly believe every DASH holder would like a free car in exchange for having some DASH branding on it so I honestly think a lot of people here will take direct issue with this and it will have a hard time passing.

In terms of the marketing aspect it would be far more economical to fly DASH advert banners over the skies of a different city in US every month in terms of performance related advertising.

I'm most likely wrong here but part of me feels Evan might already own a Tesla car as he is a tech enthusiast, so could easily apply or may already have some form of DASH branding on his vehicle. This is pure speculation but is in the realm of possibility. Masternode Owners look at proposals, judge and decide what they feel offers the community the best value for money. I'm not sure they will look too favorably on this idea. Perhaps suggesting a partnership with Tesla to offer for example a 5-10% discount on sale of cars that are purchased with DASH I would be all ears.

Now, if you said something like a proposal for business development partnership to integrate DASH as a payment solution with multi-national corporation UBER. That provides a business solution internationally and benefits everyone including media outreach that would be advantageous for the DASH eco-system as it encourages and spreads awareness of DASH as a payment solution. I would be totally all over it! I haven't even used UBER before. Also its important to point out that implementation and partnership would most likely cost far less than the purchase of a new Tesla car and actually fulfills a business need providing a service to consumers internationally while raising awareness about DASH. You could even help UBER encourage DASH adoption by UBER offering customers lower fees due to saving money from transaction fees.

Just my 2 cents.

Please don't take my comment as a negative. I just believe business development partnerships should be the main priority and focus in increasing DASH adoption by offering services and value. This is the advantage DASH has over it's competitors with our treasury and as a community should be taking full advantage of it while we have this golden opportunity before others follow in our foot steps and imitate our setup.

I think DASH masternode owners should be openly discussing and focusing on ideal large scale businesses and service providers where DASH integration would be an ideal solution and offer true value as a service to customers. That's the real key objective to achieving greater adoption and mainstream coverage.

If you can get cheaper taxi fees by paying with DASH then UBER customers are most likely going to use it or at the very least educate themselves about what it is.

I just hope Daniel Diaz reads this and acts on it. I'd also like to hear about any other Tech companies you think would be good for partnerships. Perhaps not here though as I don't want to jack your thread.
@Mark Mason , @TroyDASH,

Thanks for the great feedback! really appreciate it.

First let me clarify that this pitch is to plant an idea so we can hash it out. And we're hashing it out already, which is great!

Yes, there are more economical ways of promoting Dash. But my goal is to bootstrap DASH with the Tesla brand. You probably won't get media coverage if we just fly a plane with a Dash advertisement.

Here's the thing. It doesn't matter whether I get to do it or others do it. If someone in DASH Core team already has a Tesla and is willing to custom-paint their Tesla with Dash branding, then hell yes! Let's go that route.

I've been having a great discussion with @stellabelle on hashing out this idea further. So lets keep on hashing!

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BTW, I'm not asking the masternode to buy "me" a Tesla. I haven't even hashed out the logistics of the budget yet. I'm planting the idea to generate a discussion. I'm not too attached with the pre-proposal. I want to hash out the idea to generate the BEST proposal.

So don't get too hang up with whoever will drive or own the Tesla. I think that DASH DAO should own it. Heck, we can even rent one. Pay attention to points #4 - #7 and the possible ideas we can generate from there.

For example, @stellabelle and I are already discussing the possibility of a DASH/Tesla Roadshow (maybe with Amanda and Pete if they're cool with it), driving around the U.S. living off on DASH. Note that their transportation expenses are already "free" because of the Tesla superchargers. Anyway, still early. But this is an example of the ideas that I'd like to hash out with the community.
Do you not feel Tesla adding DASH as a payment option would be a fair more lucrative option than having one promotion car stunt with DASH graphics?

Or am I missing something?

Make / Model MSRP
2017 Tesla Model S view 7 trims $68,000 - $134,500
2017 Tesla Model X view 4 trims $85,500 - $135,500

Let me ask you a question. If you were in the market looking to buy a Tesla car and learned you could get a 5% discount off purchase price if you paid in DASH. Would you exchange dollars for DASH to buy car even if you hadn't used cryptocurrency before?.......

I'd honestly rather have a solution with longevity that directly helps and assists DASH eco-system rather than have a gimmick forced media stunt to draw attention to DASH. Peoples memories are very short term these days and I feel that this approach has a very short shelf life.

I think having Tesla accepting DASH would be a far greater achievement . However spider senses are telling me when you look at market share of society that has the feasibility of Tesla ownership, UBER makes more logical sense as it's a service applicable to everyone not the few.

By all means bootstrap DASH with Tesla but do it by offering a product or service.
@Mark Mason,

I hear you. But your good suggestion deserves a different conversation. You're talking about DASH as being part of a payment infrastructure. I'd love that to happen. But that is a different topic we can hash out. I have other ideas about that as well. For example, you can check this out.

The purpose of this proposal is to bootstrap the DASH brand with the Tesla brand and promote DASH to the Tesla Community and get mainstream media coverage while we're at it.

I have other ideas when it comes to Tesla hacks and DASH integration. Imagine the DASH Core Team, driving a DASH-branded Tesla to conferences and doing proof of concept with a Tesla hack :)
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I don't want to come over as overly harsh here but I do feel the need to give a strong reality check on the situation.

Brain-storming and sharing creative ideas is perfectly fine and encouraged but as stated previously you are still hashing out idea and it’s still in its infancy stage.

I don't think current concept has any legs unfortunately.

Cryptocurrency conferences are not red carpet glamorous events like the Grammys and Oscars. There is no car pulling up Lady Gaga paparazzi music video scenarios. This is what I mean by reality check.

Also the core team is now mostly based in Arizona now, most cryptocurrency events and conferences are held very far away and internationally so you already have logistical issues in terms of practicality of use.

Which can only suggest you mean staged publicity events and that’s only providing if the media play ball after purchase, that's a big chunk of change to gamble on a possibility.

You should never prioritise staged publicity stunts over the actual functionality and needs of a business. That is what will drive adoption.

What is going to make you buy and use DASH seeing stickers on a car or businesses you like accepting it as payment.

Straight away people and critics will say..... so....your advertising DASH on a Tesla car, but Tesla doesn't accept DASH as a payment?....Seriously?

This is the chicken and egg problem that Ryan discussed in his presentation. Consumers and merchants need incentives to drive adoption.

Just having a standard upper middle class consumer Tesla car with DASH graphics is not going to turn heads and make jaws drop. I see vehicles everyday with advertising on them. Do I Google them when I get home. No, do you?....Honestly?... If it was a Lamborghini or super car sure I would take notice but this is a Tesla we are talking about here. With respect I'm not going to get moist and jelly legs over a Tesla if I see one drive past me.

Now getting Tesla to accept DASH payments that would get global mainstream media coverage. If people do truly idolise Tesla and they are as influential as you claim wouldn't other NYSE business and individuals want to follow their lead and accept DASH as well?.....

Case and point if you had to choose between these two options:

1. Acquire Tesla vehicle with Dash graphics (cheapest Tesla $68,000)
2. Form strategic business partnership to accept DASH as payment internationally.

If both options cost the same amount of money, I know which option I would pick.

I just feel if it's only for a few media stunts I think it’s no good as there are far more cost productive ways that would yield long term results. Not just a flash in the pan TMZ news piece that is of course providing if media outlets did provide some coverage.

I think the only way to make you see common sense here is by saying proposal is for $100,000 to Tesla to accept DASH as payment option internationally but included in agreement is a Tesla car with DASH graphics for promotion.

Now if you remove the Dash payment solution it's now just a glorified mobile billboard advert. It actually has nothing to do with Tesla as its just stickers on a car. No bootstrap as Tesla as business is not directly involved or accepting DASH at all. This is my point. I hope that makes sense.
So you want the Dash network to buy you a car, put a Dash logo/brand on it so you can drive around?

Who owns the car? Who is it registered to?

How do you plan to get this in mainstream media?, do you have direct contacts who will write articles on your Dash car? or you just hoping to get noticed by a few randoms on the street?

Sorry but for $50-100k+ this proposal currently has zero legs.
So you want the Dash network to buy you a car, put a Dash logo/brand on it so you can drive around?

Who owns the car? Who is it registered to?

How do you plan to get this in mainstream media?, do you have direct contacts who will write articles on your Dash car? or you just hoping to get noticed by a few randoms on the street?

Sorry but for $50-100k+ this proposal currently has zero legs.

@Stealth923, see my other post. I don't want the Dash network to buy "me" a car.
@Mark Mason,

No, you're not being harsh. you're being reasonable, critical, and constructive. I like that.

My pitch to the DASH core team is to do a Tesla hack for proof of concept, and get media attention while they're at it. But like I said, that's another topic on the tech and infrastructure side.

I doubt that Tesla would partner with DASH right now. DASH is still a blip in the cosmic market. Tesla doesn't advertise or need more partners. It already has brand equity which is arguably more valuable than Apple's. And Elon is not that crazy about cryptocurrency, yet.

Case in point, here's a flashback: http://money.cnn.com/2013/12/06/autos/tesla-bitcoin/

Bitcoin got mainstream coverage during that time. I remember it because I was into Bitcoin and Tesla way back.

Also, it doesn't have to be a top-of-the-line fully pimped out Tesla. It could be a pre-owned low-spec. https://www.tesla.com/preowned
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Explain what "My pitch to the DASH core team is to do a Tesla hack for proof of concept" means ...?

What is the idea?..... I don't fully understand. Can you give an example?

"I doubt that Tesla would partner with DASH right now"
"Tesla doesn't advertise or need more partners"

"Elon is not that crazy about cryptocurrency, yet."

Then what is the point of wasting valuable core developer time creating a hack that has no viable business need?

I'm not trying to be difficult here. I just really don't understand what you mean by "Tesla hack for proof of concept" am I just being stupid here and why would they even care based on what you stated in your last comment.

In that CNN article you provided from 2013 a Tesla dealership accepted Bitcoin payment via Bitpay for a car. If one dealership could make a Bitcoin transaction work in 2013, why would 4 years later Tesla not entertain a very similar digital payment solution of same proportions with the added incentive of lower transaction fees?....

At the end of the day Tesla are selling a product to the public and the consumer should have more say and the freedom to choose which payment option they want to pay with. If Tesla wants to use a service like Bitpay to process it so be it. When Evolution drops they can switch over.

I still think in terms of transaction volume and higher target consumer market potential UBER would be a wiser move. I think many more people would be more open to spending smaller amounts of DASH for everyday services and products. Just like say Domino's Pizza accepting DASH. These types of businesses that are frequently used and relatively low priced products with high volume transactions are ideal partners for DASH.

Need a ride? DASH has got you covered UBER
Need Pizza in a hurry, Domino's Pizza now accepts DASH instantsend.

They are also web and mobile application based. At checkout pay with DASH get 5% off.

E-commerce should be our main focus that get used every single day. For example what's the biggest online t-shirt website in US?.... these are the businesses we need to attract that have a much higher success rate of adoption.

Wouldn't the time and effort of our business dev and core devs be better suited at working together with businesses to adopt and achieve DASH payment solutions. That's the ultimate objective right. We have a working payment solution, we just need more merchants. We really need to try and expand on this before Evolution comes out.
Perhaps just go with the obvious and sponsor people / events with speed e.g. car racing and athletics
@Mark Mason,

Your objections are all noted. Again, this thread is about bootstrapping DASH to the Tesla brand via marketing. It's not about e-commerce or implementing the technicalities of payment system or business partnership with Tesla. Those are worthy projects on their own. But those are separate. So please hold that thought and focus on the goal of this thread, which is: Marketing and Advertising. It's to reach out people in the Tesla Community who may not be otherwise interested or even heard of DASH or cryptocurrencies.

Yes, we can do the same thing with advertising on other cars. But once it's done. It's done. Bootstrapping with a Tesla has a longer tail and it would get people's attention and media coverage.

At face value this is not that different from car owners joining advertising network to have their cars painted to display ads and then get paid for it. The difference is the car. It's a freaking Tesla! Tesla's get more attention. Tesla's generate more conversation. Teslas get more social media coverage. Tesla has brand equity.

I invite you to join a Tesla forum or any Tesla-related groups in your social media to see how passionate those people are.

Question: If you have a Tesla right now would you be willing to custom-paint your Tesla to promote DASH?

That's the essence of my proposal. So if anyone in the DASH community drives a Tesla, and is passionate with both Tesla and DASH, then consider my proposal.

Unfortunately, I don't have a Tesla, yet. I'm still on the waiting list for Tesla Model 3 this year. (Yes, that's me who took that video. And no, that line is not for iPhone launch :)) But I'm considering to take on this proposal idea when I get my Tesla, provided that the incentives are right.

It's as simple as that :)
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It's not bootstrapping though is it?... you are painting or placing stickers on a make of car. Tesla is not involved in the process at all. Tesla has no incentive to show any interest in this.

If I put DASH stickers on a macbook pro can I claim DASH is bootstrapped to Apple?.... There's no logic here.

The idea is to paint a car and use it for promo purposes and cross our fingers media would be interested.

The only problem you have now is whatever event or stunt you are still yet to propose will only generate a few media articles at best.

Let's be honest it will be the car that grabs peoples attention not the stickers.

You would be better off leasing a super car like a Bugatti, Ferrari etc. and putting temporary graphics on it.

My issue is this doesn't have longevity. It will be all over in an instant and be yesterday news.

Sure Tesla cars look ok, but I don't cream my pants with excitement every-time I see one so the appeal is really only to Tesla owners i guess?....which limits and isolates the audience.

Just because you love Tesla doesn't mean everyone else does. If I put Walmart stickers on a Tesla and drive it around will that make Tesla owners buy stocks in Walmart?......

Probably not right?.... I think your excitement over Tesla has blinded you from the scope and main objectives of DASH international community.

Even if it was a yes, you are still catering to a small target audience community.

There are more efficient ways of marketing and advertising that would yield long term results over a single/few staged publicity stunt.

You would be better of just making a comment like why don't we sponsor UFC and gets ads in the octagon. Televised events which will live have longevity from clips being uploaded to YouTube, photos of fights taken by press at event etc.

I'd rather sponsor a race driver like Dogecoin did probably for a similar amount http://www.nascar.com/en_us/news-me...in-sponsorship-talladega-sprint-fan-vote.html

This would get far more exposure. I like advertising and marketing I just personally feel we need more business adoption first.