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dash is best currency out there with the worst performance, time to get serious

Should we get multiple teams to manage our show

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before you get excited by recent dash growth, i would like you point out that other currencies have had a wonderful ride so far, ethereum up by 5000% even bitcoin went up 3 times in last few months

dash has the best currency model out there , but still we are losing out big time

the reason is simple

non-focused marketing , no core marketing team

The core team has promised a marketing team but it's taking forever to get them

The biggest issues is this, most people have no idea how marketing is supposed to run and are happy with the current status quo

This is extremely dangerous, small currencies like NEO, IOTA have crossed our market cap and yet we seem to be oblivious, believing that 'Evolution' alone will put us in first place soon, this is extremely naive

we need to get serious and get our act together, the larger the rise of other currencies the harder it gets to beat them.

one question i want to ask everyone is this

we pride ourselves on being the DAO , if so why is that we are extremely focused on the Core team providing the marketing team, why are people hesitant to getting a separate marketing team , by relying on only one team to get things done we put ourselves in lot of risk ( if and when the team is neutralised julian assange style )

its far better to have to multiple teams working on different geographies so that they can all provide their own specialities ( Of Course they should all report to the MNOs (Master Node Owners) )

if you really value your DASH holdings, it's time to take dash a bit more seriously than running with status quo
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fair enough , like i said its very important to have various teams working for dash , i can't stress its importance enough

i am happy to volunteer to be a part of any marketing team that people are putting together.
I understand your impatience. But I predict within one or two budget cycles, we will see something from the Core Team. Just to be clear, I have no particular inside knowledge of this.

For the kind of marketing we need, and the scope of that marketing, I think there are only a few contenders that have the skills and the experience with the cryptoverse to do a good job for us.

I suspect there is a lot of information flowing back and forth between core and marketing firms to find just the right marketing team.

I don't mind waiting a month or two. If we see no progress in 60 days, maybe we should revisit this topic.
Keep in mind that Dash had a huge bull run that immediately preceded the larger crypto bull run, so if you extend it just a little further, Dash is up about 1500% in the last 6 months.

It is true that most people have no idea how marketing is supposed to be done, but that also means that we should not rely on most people to do marketing for us. We frequently get proposals from people looking to do their own thing but what we need is either a marketing director with top-tier experience with marketing for very large businesses, and/or we need a firm that has experience with marketing for very large businesses. Having a group of enthusiasts who may have experience placing Google or Facebook ads for their personal website or small business isn't going to cut it. The core team to my knowledge has been the only group to actually seek this out, and the Masternodes did not vote favorably on @dashdisciple's team to help out with this recruitment, so at the moment I don't see any other options available.
Core has made it exceedingly clear through their words and their votes that they want to maintain control over Dash's marketing. The marketing proposals that have made it through the vote are creative, but insignificant, and will ultimately be ineffective in making a difference. Marketing, unlike independent development surrounding an open source project, is something that can really benefit from having a strong leader. Organizing data and planning is critical for adjusting ad spends and amplifying the effects of land based projects (conferences/merchant adoption.)

I disagree greatly with Core's sloth in these matters. I've made proposals directly to Taylor on ways to help, and made proposals to the community on how to circumvent their centralized inaction (CMO hiring). The only area that we've been able to make any progress is by simplifying the proposal submission process with DashTreasury.org. Even with that, however, we're hamstrung since Core is holding the submission fees at 5 DASH.

I am holding on to hope that Ryan Taylor will make good on his plan to hire a marketing firm to get things into shape. I trust that Core has Dash's best interests in mind, I just strongly disagree to their approach and their overall perspective and understanding of the current cryptocurrency market.
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@dashdisciple your efforts are really appreciated.
I agree with you on the fact that there's is extreme sloth on marketing a wonderful product like dash when we are in massive crypto bull phase and constant civil war in Bitcoin , we completely missed that opportunity.

I have a suggestion.

Let's have few project managers experienced in marketing to whom the marketing team reports instead of just the core.

I request you all to set out some requirements for such people.

Core already has lot of control over general development , we need to decentralise it little bit .

Also would like to point out that the current approach is extremely US focused when the real growth opportunities are in Asia, we should strongly pivot to those geographies.
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By Asia, you mean central america and Venezuela right? Well, plus India. Well....ok, the whole world needs this.
The big investors are in Asia ( China Japan Korea ) the biggest users are in hyper inflationary currencies ( Venezuela Argentina Nigeria )

US Europe are the least welcoming per se
Certainly the marketing plan should be international.

There are easy metrics we use in marketing to allocate resources by country. You measure effects in each country by metrics that can then be associated back to marketing costs. For example, you can associate rough benchmark costs per new user/merchant acquisition, then you calibrate on a per country basis. The result in Dash's case, is that yes, it would be marketing to all countries in the world to varying and efficient degrees.
In a functioning organization, there would be a marketing plan and then managers who would supervise, calculate, and execute. Payments could still be made to independent proposal owners, but in way that recruited particular bids/proposal types. Right now, we're seeing people trying to re-invent the wheel with marketing, when in fact there is a very great path we could be following and building from.

I'm grateful Core is willing to plan and attend conferences. I wish they would start acting like the managers of a billion dollar organization, though, and not a basement startup. Adding to the point that @TroyDASH made, the budget increased very rapidly and Core's strengths are obviously technology related, not marketing related.

In war, though, you have to go to battle with the army you have. I trust Core's intentions and Dash's technology is the best, so things could be worse.
Well said , hiring an experienced Cmo to have control over marketing would be the ideal thing.

But for some reason it's not passed through.

MNO should be more active and have more discussions on running dash
Why wait when we could just zoom past 300 today?

While I love big upward spikes as much as anybody, let's take a minute here and get a mile high perspective:

Big spikes up are often followed by a correction. So, when the correction comes, don't feel bad. This is how commodity markets work.

Furthermore, the most successful strategy I have ever used is buy the dips and hold. So if we were to get a spectacular correction to 210, or even 190, most people would be running around like their hair was on fire and it was the end of the world.

I on the other hand will take the fiat I have been saving up and buy some more Dash. Because that's just a big temporary dip. For the long term investor, 190 would be a gift.

Post Script: I perhaps did not make myself entirely clear. I am not advocating for hiring a CMO before the Core team hires a professional marketing company/person/team.

I am suggesting that there is no difficulty in waiting. LOOK, even with no big CMO, we still broke 300. Can't be too bad. I counsel patience.
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@Dashmaximalist , @dashdisciple

I'm working on something that I think will be a perfect vehicle for marketing and propagating Dash. You can see the explainer video here:

Contact me if it looks interesting to you and we might figure out a way to put your ideas into action.
High quality video, @jimbursch. Indeed, there's no better marketing for cryptocurrencies than demonstrating new use cases, which is the direction you're going. I like it, and it reminds me of what these guys are doing: https://21.co/

If I can help in any way, please let me know. In the meantime, if you'd like to do a write-up for DashTreasury.org, @abob54 can make sure that it gets up on the site. Send a writeup about DashIncubator, D-msg.com, or a topic of your choice, if you'd like. It'd at least be a start. https://www.dashtreasury.org/contact.html

Good work, keep it up.
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