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Dash iPhone Wallet


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Hello Crypto visionaries and entusiasts,

Today I will talk about the new iPhone wallet. But first let me introduce myself and add a personal note on the project.

I’m Quantum Explorer. Even though I would love to say my real name the country where I currently reside frowns upon digital currency and so I must remain anonymous. Most people in the Dash community will not know me but I have been working on the iPhone client for a few months now. I'm also personally very invested in this project even though I don’t talk much on forums. I’ve been in the Bitcoin community since 2012. When I came upon Dash (Darkcoin at the time) I was immediately intrigued. And as I dug deeper I realized that it was (and still is) the only project that is consistently making leaps in the field of cryptocurrency by fixing the main issues around Bitcoin.

I am happy to announce today the opening of the public beta for the iPhone wallet.

When I set out to create the iPhone wallet a few months ago I originally was thinking to start from scratch. However doing so would have probably taken over a year for me to complete. Hence the wallet being released is a fork of the Breadwallet app. I would like to thank Aaron Voisine, creator of Breadwallet, as his work made this release possible. Breadwallet is one of the most secure wallets and has been vetted time and time again by security experts. The new iPhone Dash wallet will therefore boast this security.

Since this is the initial release, there is no Darksend or InstantX yet. But these features will be coming as soon as I can write them in, most probably InstantX first. I have however included another feature that I would like to discuss.

Currently a great deal of merchants accept Bitcoin, however very few yet accept Dash. As a merchant I would understand, Dash is constantly changing by improving upon itself and so does not yet offer the reliability of Bitcoin. I believe in the not so distant future Dash will lead the cryptocurrency pack but for now it’s Bitcoin. In this release you can pay any address that accepts Bitcoin with Dash. To do this I use the third party service Shapeshift.io. Once Darksend is in place on the iPhone wallet this will also mean that you can pay any merchant accepting Bitcoin anonymously.

Roll out plan

The roll out plan will be as following, there will be around 2-3 weeks of open beta, then we will release to the public. To be part of the open beta, please email me at [email protected] with your iTunes account email (required), first and last name (optional), and username on forums (optional). You can also post it here (probably bad idea), or send me a PM. I’ll provide my PGP public key below if you want to send it to me encrypted.

During the open beta please do not keep more than 10 Dash in your wallet. It has been extensively tested but I can not say 100% sure that a problem won’t be discovered.

Each time I want to provide an update through for the open Beta I must wait 2-3 days for Apple’s approval process. Because of this some bugs have been fixed that will be seen in version 0.8.2 Please wait till version 0.8.3 (available in 2-3 days) to start submitting bug reports.

The project will also be made open source in the next few days (before release to public). I just need to clean it up a little. This will be done within a week.

Extra note

I see Dash as having multiple long term goals. Ideal cryptocurrency, anonymity platform (through masternodes) and "Kickstarter style” platform (And more to come).

This v12 release is great and required a lot of effort from the development team. Some people might want things to go faster though, either because they see the promise of the system trying to be delivered or because they have a significant investment in Dash. I am really in love with the fact that we will soon have funding directly from the blockchain for certain endeavors.

One reason why it might push for faster development is that, at least for me, up till now I had to make a painful choice everyday on whether to work on the Dash wallet or work on projects that payed me. If I didn’t have to worry about money I would be on Dash 24/7. I might make a proposal in a few weeks for extra funding for the wallet that would allow me to spend more time on it.

Going forward here are some of the features I will work on:

IX (Masternode locking for instant transactions)
Masternode network information
Masternode payment information (get notifications when your masternode has been paid)
Masternode voting portal (see and vote on proposals directly from your phone)
Price ticker

Not asking for giveouts, but if you really appreciate the iPhone wallet and would like to make a contribution thats allows me to spend more time working on it, this is my address XjBrCZd7ok9Nj8dGTopRgdawBm5ZGmaAH8

Below is my PGP Key, if anyone wants to encrypt any information sent to me.

All the best, Quantum Explorer

Comment: GPGTools - https://gpgtools.org

Super exciting
i waited for this a year and a half, drove the Dev team crazy with asking for this wallet
and there it is ..... dam that Wallet is so beautiful and works very well.
The Shapeshift option on there is very very slick and useful !

Tx quantum great work
Tx darkwing for the design help
Tx UdjinM6 and flare for Tech input
Tx to all other early Testers yidakee balu fernando .... (sorry if somebody slipped my mind)
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yeah it should work fine on an iPad and iPod.

Of note, the app works on iOS 7.1 or higher, however I believe beta testing can only be done on iOS 7.3 and higher.
quantum just mentioned on slack:
"actually it has to do with the decimal separator character. I think I introduced a bug for some localizations
can we know where these people have their phone set to? UK/Russia etc? And what decimal do they see? period or comma?"

Rux yidakee could you guys please answer the above questions ?
you can pm me or QuantumExplorer if you feel more comfortable like that
I have comma, and my currency is BAM (bosnia and herzegowina)

so its a bug ha :) i should change currency to € and then try... brb with report

edit: i changed to € Euro zone, but still .... same problem
quantum just mentioned on slack:
"actually it has to do with the decimal separator character. I think I introduced a bug for some localizations
can we know where these people have their phone set to? UK/Russia etc? And what decimal do they see? period or comma?"

Rux yidakee could you guys please answer the above questions ?
you can pm me or QuantumExplorer if you feel more comfortable like that

I am in Portugal, but I always set my techy stuff to English. UK mostly... sometime I may choose US. Whatever I can do to test just say. I just got a new iphone 4 from my Dad, battery died, so I go it fixed. Should be getting it tomorrow or wednesday.

I want to test recovering from seed. QuantumExplorer - how does this test phase work, do I need to give you the new phone UUID like before? Anything you want me to do to the new phone to test? Happy to, just say.

BTW darkchild - totally cross posting your photos on BTCtalk for all of our Monero troll-fans. :grin:
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Copy/paste from quantum on slack

8.4 in review
I mean 0.8.4
I added vietnamese in this version too, thanks to a tester who did the translation for us
blockchain download is now way faster for first time users
fixed the currency decimal issue
blockchain download is now way faster for first time users
I'm hoping this one will be good enough for release
once apple approves the beta I will make a post
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Guys i just updated to latest version, i can put comma now, but problem is when i click PAY


it just highlight that i pressed and it does nothing

i have 0.2 DASH in wallet to test, tried to send 0.1 to some address, but it wont send

iphone 4s, iOS 8.3
jailbreak on
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i just tried the comma/dot
and no problem here

iPhone 6

i send an IX from my QT to iPhone
and right away (none confirmed) from iPhone back to QT !
the 0.1 showed up in QT right away
Bit fast honestly ?! (sending unconfirmed funds)

took this pic a bit late (2 incoming confirmations already, i send with zero confirmations)
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I found a very interesting feature in Dash wallet for iOS. It is capability to send Dash to a Bitcoin address.
Rux sorry about that, updated in 0.8.5 (fingers crossed)