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Dash gone


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Please can you help?
I didn't open Dash Wallet for long time. When I did it it was out of date 12 version, so downloaded 16 version.
Had many problems and took several attempts and several days to sync. Finally it finished and wallet is empty. No funds and no transactions.
I do not have pass word or recovery phrase.
Is there anything I can do.
Thank you
Check the balance of your receiving address(es) here : https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/
If the balance is there, then you just need to start your wallet and go to Tools --> Wallet Repair --> Rebuild Index
That will trigger a reindex of your blockchain. Make sure you are on Dash Core wallet v0.16.1.1
If you have difficulty syncing then delete your peers.dat file

You can check if you are correctly synced by going to Tools --> Information --> Current number of blocks and check that block with the current blocknumber of the above mentioned blockchain explorer (they should match)

Assuming you have encrypted your wallet, you will need the passphrase of your wallet at some point.

Edit : i am not sure how much of the above applies to mydashwallet.org wallets, to be honest. It is more applicable for Dash Core wallets and since you mentioned version 16, i assume you actually used the Dash Core wallet in the past (version 12).
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