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Dash Evolution | Marketing the Future - Proposal Withdrawn

Marketing efforts should be coupled with selling Dash. Please consider incorporating affiliate marketing from an established cryptocurrency exchange. If your marketing doesn't lead to people buying Dash then it is not valuable. Going this route provides measurable outcomes and creates a financial incentive outside the DAO treasury funding alone.
For the Network to invest in Evo marketing, it cannot be at the expense of underfunding Evo's actual release. However it takes time to build a marketing campaign.

That's the big hitch at the moment. The value of Dash is low enough that we can hardly keep the dev team funded and pay our bills.

I am very happy that Dash is self funded through the Treasury system and never took a boatload of VC money in exchange for our soul. But.....that also means we don't have 100 million dollars worth of Dash socked away to do effective marketing at scale AND pay the dev team/DCG, And hire additional devs to work on other aspects of the Dash ecosystem, like a robust and well funded incubator.
'For the average user, there are better privacy coins.' Please unbite.

Dash's privacy is limited in scope. Link-ability remains an issue between mixes and the recipient has no tools to measure how well mixed or tainted the coins he is holding.

I believe, to take the title of "digital cash" you must have the quality of being fungible in the old sense i.e. modern note tracking exposes too much data.

There are other requirements to truly be digital cash.
Hi, Adrian. Thanks for the proposal. I did not realize that there was such an experienced marketer who's also quite familiar with Dash, having a history with the project since at least 2018.

Question: is there a way to move forward with this idea while removing its reliance on Evolution/platform ever being ready/stable? In other words, can the campaign be modified to market Dash and its ecosystem as they currently exist?

Not nearly as exciting or sexy, I know. But I'd sure hate to put a fuckton of money into a campaign for something that never even materializes. What would it cost us to have a contingency plan for such a scenario?
These are some really great ideas. One thing I think the proposal is missing is the inclusion of the DCG marketing team, who already has their own campaign lined up, though I believe it's just based off their usual funding. Maybe you should reach out to them and see if you can work together. It would be good to avoid clashing campaigns, and you two can probably get a good synergy going.
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