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Dash Electrum wallet version 3.3.8 not connected (proxy enabled)


New member
I am on version 3.3.8. The red bubble on the bottom right is red and the
bottom left says not connected.
I have tried using all the other servers listed and unchecking select server automatically, but it still does not connect. Any idea what I could do?
Could anyone help with the similar problem:

"Electrum network not connected (proxy enabled)"
It happened several days ago with Dash Electrum
I tried many connection options, but none of them work.

20220316T110033.948453Z | INFO | electrum.network | connecting to as new interface
20220316T110118.950567Z | INFO | electrum.network | couldn't launch iface -- TimeoutError()
20220316T110140.235254Z | INFO | electrum.exchange_rate.Kraken | getting fx quotes for USD
20220316T110140.763592Z | INFO | electrum.exchange_rate.Kraken | received fx quotes
20220316T110233.066882Z | INFO | electrum.interface.[] | disconnecting due to: ErrorGettingSSLCertFromServer(SOCKSFailure('TTL expired'))
20220316T110233.094328Z | INFO | electrum.network | connecting to as new interface