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Dash Debit Card | Mobile Recharge with Dash

Is this card issued in Indonesia? I would love to visit there again. Timor! Bagus!

yes we do issued for indonesia and we do have already much bitcoin customer in your country
Please let me know if you have more question

Uquid’s Visa debit card is also the first in the world to offer unlimited loading and spending without ID verification.

Is that statement correct? I see at the SILVER ( KYC1 Level 1) level that there is a Max any lifetime load €2,500 limit

the statement correct
In same account we do supporting for multi card buy that mean you can unlimited loading from same account.
Each card have limit at €2,500 if you do not want upgrade to become KYC2

For example : if you want spend €10,000 then you can buy 4 virtual card. Please noted that you can load uquid fund to any card or transfer fund between cards


Sure, it's a matter of phrasing... but you don't have "a visa debit card" (a single card) with unlimited loading and spending without ID verification, you can't spend more than EUR 2500 with each card...

Also, about getting multiple cards, your website states:

You can only purchase one card per email.

So does that mean I need to generate a new email per card? Not a problem, but why?


Please note: Additional cards can only be issued on a different addreses.

Snail mail addresses or email addresses?

I'm just trying to clear up the uncertainty here ;-)


Many thank for very nice questions;
1. AML Program not allow us to give uncheck ID customer unlimited with only 1 card then you have get more than 1 card to reach unlimited
2. you need new email for each card because VISA not allow you create multi card with same email. We do not want our client card got blocked by them.
3.Snail mail addresses or email addresses does not problem at all, you can see full card information in your "my uquid card" then email just only need for locate to the card number you got and it also need using for uquid transfer fund ( uquid to card or card to card)
For example: if you have 2 card with same email : when your friend make transfer money to your card from his uquid wallet or his uquid card. then he can not do if our system have 2 card on same email.

we always try our best for guaranteed "unlimited loading" with 100% safe. New customer could be a bit confuse from beginning but the end all of them will happy
I really need something like this , but I'd rather it work as the Shift card does with Coinbase. This is essentially necessary if were going to get more adoption in the USA. There's not any good selling point for crypto vs traditional as an end user unless I can replace functions of the bank with it as Coinbase has done for BTC. Sure, it's not a total replacement for the bank but with the Shift card you can do nearly every transaction easily besides cutting a check. Dash needs something like this - I wanted to try the Uquid but it seems sketchy... has anyone used it and how does it compare to Coinbase/Shift experience as an end user?

I know people whine about things like Coinbase and Circle, but to be honest I use them multiple times a day to transfer funds in and out of the bank and to make payments on the traditional side of things and to other crypto users... I want to use Dash and I am pumped about Evolution, but honestly we need a team or something to find a way to get this type of thing going for Dash...

It's simply something that is needed for adoption since everyone in western culture is used to using cards for payment and since a debit happens fast this shouldn't be an issue except that we may just not have the right people to work with/on that part of things.

I realize that much of the userbase hates the idea of using compliant services in the USA such as those I've mentioned because of KYC/AML regulations... but please be realistic and understand that there are many of us who don't have any issues whatsoever with losing pseudonymity so long as what we're using is useful.

Yes, I know this means I have to pay capital gains tax on earnings from crypto - something which many in the community freak out about, but honestly its just part of using money in the system here. I don't like it, but until the whole system can be abolished or re-worked I really don't care, it's still worth it to use crypto in America because of the other benefits it has vs. the traditional system. Also, they won't or can't do anything about crypto to crypto so I don't think people need to freak out so much about some of these issues.

As adoption increases crypto won't be considered like a commodity any longer... it will be treated as currency at some point in the future, so I do think those are only temporary issues anyhow... my point is that we gotta have a whitelist, compliant way to engage in commerce that is fueled by Dash if we want adoption to grow... without sacrificing the option to be private as Dash provides...

Anyhow as an end user who would rather use crypto in every way I use money instead of the traditional system I really do hope these solutions come along soon... from what I can tell the Uquid - even though it may be useful isn't the same as something like Shift... if I'm wrong please let me know and I'll use it soon and post my experience.

In my happy dreamland I hope and pray that these thing occur:

1) Evolution is a success

2) We get a card similar to Shift at or near the time Evolution launches to solidify Dash's position as superior to other alt coin projects

3) We do create the integration teams which Evan mentioned in his recent interview, and that we can get partners in the financial space to work with who aren't so scared of regulators that they hamstring themselves from pushing this innovation.


Lots more to say about all this but that's all I got for now, thanks Dash community I look forward to any and all feedback and definitely would like a legit review of this Uquid card.
How are you getting around KYC/AML requirements? That makes me a bit suspicious.

The website for uquid went offline recently. If there are any uquid representatives here, I would love to know the status of the project...is it finished?
I would say its 50/50 that they come back or not, seemed scammy due to the no KYC/AML policy.

Paradoxically, it is precisely the AML/KYC that I disdain...I'm not sure how AML/KYC confers legitimacy.

Moreover, the privacy features being built in to DASH are one of the reasons I find myself here.
It is fine to disdain these policies, but when dealing with the legacy banking system (Debit Cards), it is impossible for a legitimate player to transact without these policies long term. AML regulations are pretty much universal. I am not sure that following these policies confirms legitimacy per se, but much like ordering meds online, I feel better when the online pharmacy requires a prescription, as opposed to just shipping me as many narcotics as I want.

In both cases legitimate customers like us are inconvenienced, and it is valid to say that we should not be, but there seems to be no better way to stop those who abuse legacy systems. In digital systems like Dash, these policies can not be enforced while you stay digital but be sure they will be enforced at transit points such as exchanges and banks for the foreseeable future, I can pretty much guarantee. So it may be worth it to adjust expectations.

Your point is well made, I had become sanguine about uquid, it seemed like a way into the legacy system that preserved my privacy.

But, I guess if I was so serious about my privacy, I wouldn't post a picture of myself on dash.org, what with facial recognition and all :p
How are you getting around KYC/AML requirements? That makes me a bit suspicious.


Dear Mr Pablo
many thank for your question
i am sorry for delay reply
we do following KYC/AML requirements and we do not break any rule or law
but we have some technique which make our service become most anonymous and privacy than all other existing services.
we give out customer option for they choice. if they think anonymous is most important then that is their right, they can keep them in anonymous way
The website for uquid went offline recently. If there are any uquid representatives here, I would love to know the status of the project...is it finished?

Dear Sir
i am sorry for this delay
Due to some technique issue with our Server. our website went to offline for about 48 hours and have to move on to new server now
all service online back from 14 and we are woking hard with all partner and new coins in order to release new coins with our system soon

with recent fast growing of uquid we really looking for new investors to join us -

please contact us for more details

Thank you very much