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Dash Cycling Team


Dear Dash community,

On my personal funds, I am creating a Dash Cycling Team (Team Dash Cyclisme) in the beautiful city of Annecy (French Alps), to promote Dash by cycling sport events. The team will be voluntarily lead by myself Pablo Saluden and be voluntarily lead trained by David Reyberolle (A cyclist trainer with a training degree that allows him to train at national level).

I believe this initiative would be very beneficial for Dash in France and that’s why it is likely I will try to raise money either through donation or by posting a proposal in the following months.

Furthermore, any additional funds would help to attract more talents to the team but in any case, will not be used to pay myself or the coach (for the first year at least).


The team is starting small at the beginning, around 10 people. We are racing at an amateur level (regional level).

What is special about that project is that we have the chance to already have an over skilled coach. (Last year, he trained around 10 people, results are: 5 wins, 12 podiums, 32 top 10)
That will make our club and team very attractive and will attract good young racers, some of what might be the future talents of French cycling.

Note that this is a long-term project, like Dash, slowly creating a good cycling team by laying out little by little every element that would participate in our future successes.

Advantages :
  • Precise and quality awareness
    • Like any Dash meeting – those 10 cyclists will be taught about Dash (part of the deal), and will download a wallet on their mobile phone and receive each of them 5 € worth of Dash

    • Having a unique sponsor in cycling is unique at this level of competition so Dash Cycling Team will be talked about and people from the cycling world would want to know what that sponsor is (because we are at an amateur level bringing some professional gear)

    • That cycling association will be a springboard for any kind of initiative or project about cryptocurrency in the city of Annecy as Dash will be the only cryptocurrency having an official representation all year long (any person aware of cryptocurrency would have no doubt that they have to get in contact with that association)

      In fact, I have been in contact with a business in Annecy that sell Paragliding flights and parachute jumps. I proposed them to accept Dash, they are interested. If it works, it is a concrete example of the benefit of creating this Dash cycling team in Annecy.

    • A dash community not necessarily only cyclists could rise from that

    • A truly great club could rise from that initiative: after a few years, we could talk national level (see below “seeing further down the line”)

  • General awareness – Around 10 cyclists riding a total of approximately 100000 km a year with Dash jersey on.
    • This is only bonus as we know Dash has not yet a name to be recognized. But stills, that’s a lot of people that will see the outfit and the brand:
      • Training will be around Annecy, very touristic city in France. When an outfit is nice, and worn by a group of cycling competitors. It attracts attention and get lot of viewers during the training session:

      • Car drivers: waiting at traffic lights or when overtaking the group.

      • Pedestrian: walking on the street looking at the group of cyclists passing by or during stops at traffic lights.

As stated above, all those advantages are a given insofar as, as stated above, the basic needs of that project to make it happened are already covered by me. That is my gift to cycling sport which is a sport I am into since I am a child and would be my participation to the Dash network if it does not want to fund it.

Seeing further down the line: Let me explain how cycling works in my country: there is almost no money involved in cycling at a regional level, so a club, only by offering as little as the minimum equipment (1 personnalized Jersey + 1 Bib short is around 120 €) would attract good racers. Another big lever is paying the team bonuses when they win a race and reimburse their travel and race registration costs. Those things don’t amount to much relatively speaking to other sports, but makes a huge difference when we are talking about building a good and professional team in cyclism.

Having the chance of having an over skilled coach, paying a part of the equipment and some race bonuses (in dash of course) will make that club a very attractive one. Starting at a low level will also make it possible to take it slowly to maximize expenses for a good ROI.

Right now, as in any other club, the team member pay for part of their outfits. I have not yet paid for all the outfits and registrations fees but I believe that would amount around 5 dashs (team member will pay part of their outfits while I’ll pay the other part, that’s how it works usually in a small club).

To make it really interesting and being able to get better equipment and pay some bonuses for winning a race, would require around 5 more dashs.

To put it in a nutshell, for around 10 dashs (3000€) the first year, that’s a dash cycling team that will make the buzz locally and that will have all the necessary tools to grow into something much bigger, while truly engaging all the team members (and probably their family) and bringing general awareness about cryptocurrency in a country that truly lack of.

I have created a simple website that will give updates about the team: Results of competitions, photos and videos and information about dash in French.


I will create a professional website if the project is accepted by the community.



Ideas about future developments:

They are many things that can be done with good financing:

- Organize races (Paying bonuses with Dash, having refreshment stall where you use your dash)

- Participate to association events in the city and promote Dash.

- Get better cycling competitor and take it slowly but surely to racing at a national and international level.

Well, if you have any ideas or suggestions for this project, don't hesitate in telling me :)

Pablo Saluden

PS: I had already designed the outfit with Dash logo but following the announcement from the core team about the new logo coming end of the year. I will have to wait until it is done before creating a new design.

For the story, I had also ordered one outfit for myself to see the quality of it and to test a first design. It was coming from China and, I don’t know why, the supplier put an additional logo on it with written “Tour de France” (a registered trademark). They probably thought that I’d appreciate it. Beside the fact I would have not, the outfit got stuck at the border controls which destroyed it for counterfeiting ! Anyways, changing supplier :)

The outfit I wanted to test at the beginning:

Photos of the first trainings:


I was testing this outfit in order to personnalize it, but I found an other supplier with better prices and better quality.

Thank you @tomasz.ludek for your help for the sticker :)

The trainer David next to the new world champion Under 23 Benoit Cosnefroy:


T-shirt for running during the preseason:

I would like also to thank my brother @Leonidas for his help in this project.


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I love when people connect their life passion with Dash.
I love @tomasz.ludek and his dedication to break his personal records in polish triatlons.
I love @DashRacer who tries to break the sound limits and paint the sky with more blue.
Dash is your national color also, so how could I not support this one :rolleyes:
Great Job ! Just to confirm that @PabloS is my brother and can be trust (for those who might not know me, I am the French Translator for the wiki Atlassatian and Dash Force News - my name can be found in both DAO's proposals). We have been talking a lot about that project and he has a clear idea of it which could indeed become many things, don't hesitate in bringing your support or pitch in your ideas for innovation or improvements !
Sorry but I don't see the point of spending everyone's money on people flying around or cycling around with Dash outfits. You can't track the return on the investment. I can think of many other useful ways to spend the money. Not diluting the currency supply is one of them.
Thank you @splawik21 for your comment and to everyone that liked the post.

It's very important for me to know that the community support the project and I am glad that it seems like it. (I guess I would have received more critics in the other case).
But still, as I am always looking for improvement, if you have any suggestions or ideas on how I could improve this project. That would be great if you can share it with me.

@RGXDK Thank you for your comment.
I do agree with you that « cycling around » with Dash outfits may have an ROI difficult to track. But it doesn't mean the ROI is not good.

Anyway, I hope you will be pleased because the outfit branding is not the most important aspect of my project :

The fact to have a group promoting Dash in Annecy will help me convince merchants to accept Dash in my region. This you can track the return on the investment.

As I said, I already have been in contact with a business in Annecy that sell Paragliding flights and parachute jumps.
I proposed them to accept Dash and they are interested. But they are interested because I told them that there is a cycling team promoting Dash and that it will be a good advertising for them.
I guess it also reassure them to see that Dash is active in their city and not just in other countries.

Dash is really great, that is why I do all this, but I will have to convince a merchant in order to try Dash. When they will try it, they will like it.
But then we will still need some users : Everyone in my team will download a wallet and receive informations about what is Dash (By curiosity, they already naturally ask me about Dash, so we do talk about it during training) and they will receive 5€ in dash.
That is a start for creating users in my city.

So to sum up, this team will be my best sales speech to convince merchants and users.

I hope that now you can see how this project can benefit Dash. I certainly do :)
But it doesn't mean the ROI is not good.

You're right, but because we can't measure, we shouldn't do it.

Dash is really great, that is why I do all this, but I will have to convince a merchant in order to try Dash. When they will try it, they will like it.

If online stores can't accept Dash, to imagine that local merchants will is wishful thinking. It's not easier / better / more convenient than cash or cards. We hope it will one day though.

I will vote no because of the the first point though.
Well good news. The merchant I was in contact with is now accepting Dash and will soon integrate it in his websites.
He has two businesses:

You can now pay for a paragliding fligth and parachute jumps in Annecy.

And rent a boat for a cruise in Martinique.

As I was expecting in previous posts, the fact to have the presence of the Dash cycling team in Annecy helped a lot for convincing this merchant.
The next merchant I targeted is a bar in the center of Annecy.
Great to hear that @PabloS I`m getting a will to jump from 4k meters lol :)
Hope to see the DASH accepted here soon on his website too :)
Great job!