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Dash core wallet v0.14.0.1 not syncing


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Using Windows 10 64-bit. On June 17th it stop receiving my incoming transactions. I receive a transaction each day from mining. I just upgraded the wallet today, from the previous version and it is stuck on block 1091182. I went into Program File > DashCore and looked for the peers.dat but it is not there. When i look in the peers list within the wallet there are 8 connections.

Can't seem to find anything else online to indicate the problem.
Go to appdata folder and remove peers.dat and banlist.dat
You can find it here:
Later, start the dashcore wallet and from the top menu of the wallet choose repair tools and choose reindex, let it fully sync.
You will see all your coins appearing.
If that not solved the issue, go again to your app data folder, remove all except the wallet.dat and dash.conf and start the wallet again, it will sync all from the scratch.
Thanks. It worked, i forgot i had to click the show hidden folders in the menu tab in windows explorer.

Appreciate your help!