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Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

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Now, the most important part of this update: get all the exchanges to respect ChanLocks and InstantSend :>
I have sent requests to 7-10 exchanges in the past about adding InstantSend support, everyone of them returned the same response: "We will take this into consideration". And none of them added InstantSend
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@f8192 I agree but in short you should read this response as: "Super but we have our procedures and no time to look at it".They are not ready yet to believe that Dash developers have created so awesome and excellent feature on Dash infrastructure. Most part remain dinosaurs yet for quite some time till the moment we have one courage exchange who is open minded.
No way can we wait for them to become "open minded", the reason to implement IS should be economic. Or somehow technically force all their scripts to think 999999 confirmations has passed, just like Monero forces its privacy features.
I hope DC team has some suggestions about the exchanges adoption
Dash Core v0.14.0.2 has been released.
It is a minor bugfix release. We advise to upgrade to anyone who needs to perform a full resync or reindex, as it fixes a few issues related to initial sync and reindex

They are not ready yet to believe that Dash developers have created so awesome

It's protectionism.

If word got out about these innovations, it would make the mountains of sh!tcoins look like the sh!tcoins they are.

Compare DASH's market cap to the total market cap of everything else.

They need to protect that.

If the word gets out about ChainLocks and InstantSend, then the word will get out about everything else, too.

This absolutely cannot be allowed to happen. DASH must toil in obscurity.

The entire industry is against innovation now that the regulation wars have mostly died down, calling it a cryptoASSET by virtue of failing to innovate a real cryptoCURRENCY.

All they care about is that they can now Tulip in peace. They don't want to rock the boat, and innovation would do that. Too many billions tied up in junk holdings.

Satoshi's Vision eh?

So sad to see it all go down the tubes like this. Cryptocurrency, and DASH specifically, had so much promise...
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No way can we wait for them to become "open minded"
The protocol already secures everything in this fashion. The exchanges are deliberately censoring the network's events from their users. They don't want anyone to see, they don't want anyone to know. InstantSend and ChainLocks security is still implemented, the users just don't know it. The exchanges still "wait for confirmations" for no reason just to keep up the smoke and mirrors that nothing new has been innovated. Nothing to see here. All the same. Move along...

It's pure protectionism.
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