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Dash Core v0.13.0 Release Preparation



Dash Core Group is pleased to share that the Dash Core v0.13.0 software is tested, finalized, and ready for release. At this time we ask all partners, network operators, and other stakeholders to please take the following steps in preparation for moving to mainnet.
  1. Please complete this 3 question survey to help us assess the impact of this upgrade. In response we will contact you via email with a preliminary analysis including recommendations and next steps.

  2. Please begin actively testing the latest release candidate on testnet to ensure readiness for the upgrade.
Dash Core v0.13.0 is intended to serve as the foundation for Dash Evolution, a broadly scoped update to our network intended to facilitate and enable new payment methods and technologies. Please see the Dash Core v0.13.0 Product Brief for an overview of new features.

Updates introduced in this release center around new types of transactions that will be used not only to record the exchange of value but to also integrate network consensus data directly within the blockchain in a scalable manner. We’ve assembled an integration guide which focuses on Dash Core v0.13.0 Transaction Types and is intended to act as a reference point for implementation.

These new transactions are not “backwards compatible” with existing cryptocurrency development libraries and our initial research indicates that in most cases at least a minor patch will be required to allow for continued processing of block / transaction data after the activation of DIP 002: Special Transactions. In order to enable a seamless transition, Dash Core Group will focus our efforts towards ensuring that as many of these development libraries are updated as possible.

This work has already begun for JavaScript and .NET and we’ll be using the feedback captured in the above survey to help us identify additional libraries that will require our attention. Note that DIP-002 will not be activated until all critical libraries have been patched for support.

We will be reaching out to integrated partners and survey respondents to keep them updated with the progress of this upgrade and to provide direct support. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Best Regards,
Jon Kindel ([email protected])
Great to hear on a long awaited release, do let us know when its ready for downloads and self builds, I don't see any final builds out yet beyond rc11.

I encourage tech shy MNO to get their hands dirty and try this out on testnet now. Its not a difficult upgrade but it has several key steps.

If you need testnet coins http://faucet.test.dash.crowdnode.io/ or ask in discord
the Dash Core v0.13.0 Product Brief for an overview of new features

This includes SPV wallets, which historically have relied on trusted SPV servers to relay transactions.
I don't think this is getting anywhere near the exposure that it should. It could make conventional wallets obsolete, and I thought that was the main reason for doing it...

Referring to it as "SPV" goes over most peoples' heads though, maybe say "Electrum-like light clients no longer need to trust a server because they can query a MasterNode quorum directly. This also makes storing the blockchain optional; you can audit it yourself if you like, but you don't have to."