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Dash Core Team Monthly Report?


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It appears that the last Dash Core Team Monthly Report was for January -- did I miss the February report?
I think with recent appreciation Dash core team must have his hands full only to be able to make proposals for this month so I don´t mind some delay in core team monthly reports.
If that is the case, then they should say so in the regular monthly report. We are no longer dealing with volunteers. I think it is reasonable to expect reports to be delivered on time.

Much, if not all of the current price of Dash is built on anticipation of the future features of Dash that are currently under development. Regular reporting on the development of those features will help maintain the confidence of Dash investors.
Seems like kot has answered you but if you think the massive appreciation of dash since last month was foreseeable you will probably have invested a lot in dash with your fortune-teller skills and have a lot of MNs at this point, I really prefer good proposals according with new budget than a 2 week delay in a report.
No update since February. These reports should come out no later than one week after the last day of the month to be relevant.
Please recognize the importance of these reports as there is very little other communication on the Core Team's progress.

Not meant to sound harsh. I realize that these reports don't write themselves. The cost should still only be noise in the Core Team's budget.