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Dash – A Crypto That You Can Use Today!


Dash Core Group
We're happy to post Dash's first ads in a while!
This branded video video highlights Dash's potential and killer features.
We made this video given the current circumstances and shortage of budget but still, we hope it's good enough
Well, like you say, it's a start but a lot of stock photography with Joel's and Mark's fingerprints all over it. Can we please just remove Joel from the equation?

A long time ago, there was a couple of guys that made short funny videos comparing bitcoin and dash. Something like this but I can't find the others. Quite possibly removed as the creators eventually stormed off hating us because they wanted too much money, or something else, I forgot.

My thought is, we need to go for short engaging videos:
  • something funny that mocks other projects
  • something funny that mocks dash e.g. dash zombies coming to life, "we were here all the while, waiting for you"
  • something current that mocks FTX
  • something breathtaking like base jumping with Dash logo parachutes
  • something challenging and funny, street interviews where passers by perform wild challenges to win dash prizes
  • original music and art pieces
In all the above, we have people, not just fancy animation. Don't misunderstand me, the animation is great, but the content with people is vital.
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