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Darksent missing change



in my wallet (dash-qt) I had Darsend Balance 1.600016 DASH.

I Darksent 1.5 DASH to Xmuyimuv11ARdodJ1KWyBAhSiUWzBKpkDJ but now the change 0.100016 DASH is missing.

In my wallet it shows like sent all the amout 1.600016 DASH to this address (see attached darksent.png) but the address only recieved 1.5 DASH.

Any idea what's happend with it?


  • darksent.png
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Darksend/PrivateSend tx has no (auto) change by design - 0.100016 DASH is not missing, it's a tx fee in your tx. When you send any tx from dash-qt it shows you a dialog with amount and fee, always make sure you read it before clicking "ok", especially if it's a PrivateSend/InstantSend tx because they always have higher fees.
Thanks to both for info.

Pretty high fees for darksend :) but if i tried to send 1.55 DASH it would be 0.05 less, maybe..
To darksend 1.6 DASH was not possible (insufficient funds), i just tried to darksend 1.5DASH,
did not care about fees.

What is the minimum required fee for Darksend?

In Android wallets is instantpayment fee 0.01DASH and ordinary payment fee 0.0001DASH,
so i was surprised about such higher fee now.