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Darkcoin P2Pool Node Tracker

Don't forget if you're using a headless rig, that its THAT PC that need a ping, not the one managing it. But if under the same LAN, there should be no significant difference.
Having said that, node trackers do not register the real ping through the website (at least for me). But excellent to pre-select the best pools.
Always check double yourself, a couple times at different times, you'll be pleasantly surprised
Look for one that is under 50ms if possible

Windows - start - cmd
OSx - Terminal
Type, for example drk.altmine.net:7903

ping drk.altmine.net

without the port number, or it will not resolve host. Let it run for 10-20 seconds to have an idea of the connection health.
Nice work chaeplin , your p2pool node scanner looks really nice !
I have a question though, I'm the pool operator of drk.nicepool.net:7903 and I can't see it in your list although it's been running for months.
Would you know why ?
Thank you !
drk.nicepool.net:79031.2 days0.753.07GH/s5.89k6/6103.488.5MH/s3292France
Somehow nicepool is not in p2pool addr list(I have used remote server peer list)

I have set up local p2pool-drk to address this inconsistency.

Sorry for your inconvenience.
I changed the domain name and IP for my p2pool.
Can you please be so kind and remove rebootcamp.de and change it to happymining.de ?
Thank you so much! And keep up the gook work! :smile:
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Our pool is not showing up in the list? Does the list update automatically?

If you could please add our pool to the list we would appreciate it;

Hi...please add PlanetCrypton's p2pool to the list. We've been up and running for a few months now, and also have complete, step-by-step instructions for setting up darkoin miners, servers, and so on, and are also very happy and quick to respond to any questions we get.

Our p2pool url is: darkcoin.p2pool.planetcrypton.com:7903
By ip address, this would be:

Our site is PlanetCrypton.com. Hope to see some of you there!
I don't know if the list is automatic, but if not, I'd appreciate being added:

Server: p2dark.com
Port: 7903
Web: p2dark.com

Updated to RC5 today (sept 22 2014)
Located in US (EAST)

Thank you!
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