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Darkcoin Cartoon


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So I was thinking about starting a cartoon to celebrate evans achievements:


A proposal:
Is the community/foundation willing to pay me a monthly amount of DRK (I don't know, 150 DRK or something) so I can allocate some time every day and create a daily cartoon?
I could create hilarious confrontations between darkcoin and other coins, etc... :smile:
Let me know your thoughts.

Donations: XtAdMy5nSxArut6rKKLQXxm84rpJNipXib
I already have tons of ideas, and am working on giving all the (important) coins a cartoony face... basically attaching eyes, mouth and arms, so that they all can be very expressive. :)
So every coin will have his own character...
For example, bitcoin will be slow and fat, but veeeeeery big... ;D
Also, if someone around here is a voice talent, we could turn all those cartoons easily into HD toons with soundFX and such, and post them on youtube.
As you probably noted I already tried to do some lip-synching animation here.
I can provide cartoonish music and FX, I would just need someone with serious voice talent.

Oh, and some DRK wouldn't hurt. ;)
Uhh... Be careful not to kick dogs that bite back. You can only be crucified on one mountain--choose it with wisdom.

Just my personal opinion, but I would prefer to see our hero being portrayed more like Zorro (the fox), than a mad dog. How about slashing a D on his butt, rather than doing violence? You might also consider a stylized bankster rather than their puppet as the antagonist.

Edit: the more I think about it, it would be really cool if you could turn our hero into a mild mannered unit of accounting by day; but transformed by darksend into "Darko" (or some such hero with a mask sword and cape), untraceable, fast, friend of the downtrodden and economically oppressed by night. He could even have an owl as a sidekick who during the day tied a red pillow over his stomach and called himself robin. :what:
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This was done as a case study to explore a more meaner side of darkcoin. (I am working on various darkcoin related cartoons trying to figure out new ways)...

Ofcourse, the main darkcoin cartoon face is mr.nice here, and many people approve:


BTW: Obama is a warmonger, so if he has no finger to point anymore, maybe he can't point to the next country he wants to bomb anymore? :wink:
It's ok as an experiment georgem but I wouldn't promote it, sorry... Privacy is not about hurting someone, it's about protecting yourself. That's why I like mr.nice and mr.fast more - that movie of a fat bitcoin made me laugh a lot :grin: I'd love to see more like that...
You bet. But whenever I feel motivated to treat tyrants the way they deserve it you will see variations of this kind.
It's just too much fun, I might actually adopt a two-pronged approach/strategy here. Mr.Nice and Mr.Mean...
The Mr.Mean cartoons will be unofficial. :cool:

Sorry If I hurt someone's feelings, but there is no violence like cartoon violence. (Ever watched Tom & Jerry?)
(I actually abhor real violence, but I don't have to remind you guys that this a cartoon)

That's probably the way I will go with Mr.Mean in the future: more like Tom & Jerry: Really really painful (& hilarious) situations, but not actually showing any blood/bones/brains.
What that means is that obama wouldn't have lost his finger... but it would have turned red and increased its size 2 or 3 times while pulsating, etc... :grin:
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Yep...better this: red finger, 2-3 times bigger...
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I agree. Promote the good things about Darkcoin (should not be hard) and there will be no need to kick these other coins with no or little value.

The comics you make are well done and illustrates in a very easy what is so great about Darkcoin. Keep doing it!
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e1ghtSpace, you already uploaded some "darkcoin" animations last week!

Those animations were against Darkcoin. :/

But i'll make some for Darkcoin tomorrow.

I'm on my ipad right now so I can't check, but regarding the link to the free 3D Darkcoin renderings, does that include a source file that I can import into blender?
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ARRGH! I just spent 1 hour rendering a Darkcoin fluid animation and I forgot to set smoothing and subdivisions for the liquid! So it looks really jagged. Oh well... I'll try again.