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Crypto Hub Site


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Hello, I run a mining group. It's also my responsibility to download miners, exes. Oh boy, there were a lot of viruses, malware injected into various software. I realized the problem was the pages that were left alone for months, hackers would stroll on by and infect everything they could find.

Just one of the many issues with crypto. It's a herculean effort to get the average person to buy a coin. That's when I realized there wasn't a hub. No Amazon/Google, no central resource. Instead a patchwork of YouTube videos, tutorials, trading sites. If you don't know what you're doing it takes a lot of time. If you make a simple mistake, you're out money. I decided to create a mock site. In it I added ways to generate substantial revenue. It's purpose is helping hardcore to casual users.

The great thing about the site is it can launch in sections. The coin grader I feel is the most vital component. Consumers don't know the difference between a Bitconnect and a Ubiq, and they should! If you're interested, know anyone that is? The site is below. This will happen one day, someone will make a hub site for crypto. I'd rather it be independent, than controlled by Wallstreet or a government.
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