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Are banner ads an effective use of funds?

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To the DASH Community––

While the smart money and institutional investors are long vested in blockchain/crypto, the general public have limited grasp of these revolutionary technologies––still fewer grasp its future potential.

Finding a unique selling proposition that delivers a compelling message to the masses in clear, non-technical language is currently absent...and an untapped opportunity.

As 20 year industry veterans we're puzzled by Ogilvy's proposed Facebook social media strategy.

There's an old joke in advertising about banner ads: only 1/10th of 1% of people click on banner ads...and half of those are by mistake!

Numerous platforms––Oyster Pearl to name just one––will make banner advertising obsolete; and Facebook's recent ban on ICO advertising is a precursor to tighter SEC marketing regulations (think Pharma legalese).

We believe in the power of DASH: a non-government controlled digital currency that allows instant transactions at near zero cost. We'd like to respectfully suggest a far less traditional agency marketing approach.

The market is maturing; the ecosystem will shrink and consolidate; utility will matter most; weaker alts that serve no purpose will be asphyxiated.

There's a huge first-mover opportunity for a marketing campaign for DASH––a chance to tell your story before someone else (MSM/cryptoverse) defines it for you, but with a much more effective approach than banner advertising.

We have some ideas on this and would love to open a conversation with the community.
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Yes, influencer marketing is a powerful marketing strategy. Last month the network voted to fund Ben Swann for over a million dollars to deliver influencer marketing over 24 episodes of Reality Check and simultaneously create a model where journalists are no longer beholden to corporations who dictate what they can and cannot say.

But just because influencer marketing is powerful does not mean that targeted advertising is obsolete or being conducted by folks with poor judgement. I've personally built a multi-million dollar business using facebook ads. I do not think our customers clicked on the ad by mistake. They clicked on the ad because it was interesting to them (well targeted), well designed, and it took them to a service they were legitimately interested in and showed them a product that they actually wanted, and presented the value proposition in a way that was clear, concise, and ultimately ended in a sale.

Every day people are learning about cryptocurrencies from things they see on Google and Facebook and they are clicking ads because yes, they are interested. Everyone is interested in crypto right now. And I will tell you, Google and Facebook have about one billion times the reach of William Shatner :)

Yes, facebook has banned ads for cryptocurrencies. So what do we do? We adapt, fast. Our strategy is to immediately reframe Dash as a payment provider and run ads on Facebook strictly from a payments angle to drive merchant integrations which improve the ecosystem as a whole to a far greater extent than speculators, investors, and even hodlers. Can any of your influencers reach merchants with surgical precision?

Ogilvy has consistently ranked in the top 10 for PR firms in the world. I think enlisting them was a wonderful choice. They know that targeted ads work. In fact, everyone knows that targeted ads work. Google and Facebook are worth 800 billion and 600 billion today because targeted ads work.

Dash is a very supportive community. One of the most supportive communities on earth, in fact. Many skilled and talented people are working very hard on many things here and their hard work is perhaps deserving of appreciation instead of marginalization. Yes, we would like to hear what you have to say but please do not diminish the efforts of the highly skilled marketers and PR masters (ogilvy) who are working on this thing from all angles in order to frame your ideas in a more positive light. Dash is a team.

In terms of your pre-proposal, the Network would likely be interested in hearing what influencers you can bring on board and how much they will cost, critical details which you have not yet provided.
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Hello, and thanks for getting back to us!

In defining the DASH business challenge, we propose a growth strategy toward merchant/consumer adoption.

A 'MOMENTUM SPORTS' platform presents an opportunity to raise your profile while combining (1.) a technology showcase (DASH transactions) and (2.) broad B2C reach (adoption).

NYC Marathon
(Edit: Now proposed at SF Marathon).
Among the sponsorship levels––strategic/contributing/media etc––there is surprisingly no payment partner.


We see this as a clear opportunity space for DASH and are proposing a sponsorship level as 'Official Payment Partner.'

Benefits / ROI

  • Newsworthiness: "The first cryptocurrency to sponsor a major sporting event"
  • Globally watched event with branding and significant b-to-c reach
  • Opportunity to engage DASH community as runners/supporters
  • Showcase a commitment to DASH core values
  • Pre-race and onsite branding/communications
  • Unveil Ogilvy logo/branding redesign on a global stage
  • DASH logo/payment button on NY Road Runners website
  • Opportunities to forge long-term strategic partnerships among co-sponsors
  • Primary audience: merchants/consumers
  • Secondary: cryptoverse, traders, devs, institutional investors

Sponsorship Fees
'Official Payment Partner' fees for a 1-3 year deal will require negotiation, however significantly lower level than the 'presenting sponsor' eight-year deal Tata Consultancy Services signed in 2013 for an estimated $100M. (TCS also sponsors the Boston and Chicago marathons).

Unique among marketing agencies Household Name accept compensation in cryprocurrency, not fiat. As DASH hodlers we fully believe in crypto/blockchain and have skin in the game!

Our fee for labor is 10% of the overall sponsorship marketing budget.

Next Steps
Household Name® will supply a more detailed statement of work and deliverables for community review and feedback.

If the majority vote 'Yes' on the overall objectives and strategic platform we will prepare a letter of engagement and move forward with negotiations on your behalf.

This would begin immediately with outreach to our connections at NYRR (also Chicago, Boston, Toronto, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul Marathon and others).

We operate our business in a spirit of openness and our findings would be fully transparent.

As Ogilvy are not exclusive 'agency of record' (AOR) we are happy to partner with them and incorporate their brand identity across potential sponsorship platforms. (Edit: Now Tharp & Clark).

The platform we propose is simple, direct, and organic to the brand; further, it comes with a road map for success: What Red Bull built in the extreme sports space, DASH will build with momentum sports.

We see this as a clear opportunity space for DASH and are proposing a sponsorship as 'Official Payment Partner.'

Owning MOMENTUM SPORTS is a huge opportunity for DASH to claim. Let's be first-to-market with this!

Team Household Name®

Adrian Saker | Founder & Creative Director | Household Name | Brooklyn NYC

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Most of the people are think that banner ads are not much effective. And another thing is, this is also true most of people clicks on banner ads by mistake.

Hi Geoffrey––

While we agree that banner ad/social metrics should be taken with a high degree of skepticism (thousands of these "followers" accounts are in fact bought), the case to invest further treasury funds in them is now moot.

Many social channels––Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn––no longer accept crypto advertising, and we anticipate this trend will widen (now Google).

Sponsorship is one channel still open to cryptocurrencies, with the premier events being locked up in multi-year deals. Hence our 'DASH San Francisco Marathon' proposal:

Thank you.
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