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CrowdNode progress


Dear all,

The BlockChain API is in open beta, and we invite you to try and test it on Testnet

The beta includes the following MVP features; Sign-up, accept terms, deposit, withdraw and linking API access to existing member.
The blockchain API is the result of several changes and new features.
Automated payout of each fractional masternode payment and Voting will come in a few weeks.

We will share a video-guide later this week.
And this KB explains it in few words: http://knowledge.crowdnode.io/en/articles/5963880-blockchain-api-guide

What is also in this release, minor stuff compared to the blockchain API, but still relevant to mention:
-Language Packs.
-Minimum balance needed reduced from 1 Dash to 0.5 Dash.
-Refactored code for improved performance.
-Refined database-indexes for better performance.
-Automated approvals of withdrawals.
-Increased thresholds for withdrawal/sendback-related automations.
-Updated footer, wow, really, just checking if you are awake ;-)
-API endpoint for restful data export of funds data.
-Cleared a few bugs.

Uhhh, and another thing, we now have 30 masternodes, which is the same as when we had our ATH of 30.800 Dash.

The plan is to deploy to Mainnet March 1st.

Cheers, and thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to build new features for the Dash-ecosystem.
Hi ndrezza and thanks for the update, I noticed that the prior proposal https://www.dashcentral.org/p/CrowdNode-Dec2021-Feb2022 has no run out of juice. Can you talk to how well you tracked to the schedule/deliverables from that proposal?


I assume the next proposal is coming, so we should address this and any deviations from the plan.