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CrowdNode.io - a Dash Masternode Shares Hosting Service


Hello everyone,

With the markets in red the past months, we think it just might be a good time to launch our service – CrowdNode.io – a Dash Masternode Shares Hosting Service! Hopefully a launch can reduce supply and increase demand a little bit :)
We have been working on CrowdNode.io for more than half a year.
CrowdNode.io is an almost fully automated and transparent solution that allows you to get partial ownership in masternodes.

Read more on our website; https://crowdnode.io/
Join CrowdNode on Discord for more info; https://discord.gg/d2cXnA9
And please test our TESTNET-solution; https://test.crowdnode.io/

We have only opened for beta test running on TESTNET.
As soon as we have some good community feedback we will launch on MAINNET as well.

We welcome any comments on our Discord channel so we can improve the platform before going live!

You can find guides and a FAQ in our Knowledge Base; http://knowledge.crowdnode.io/

On behalf of the CrowdNode.io Team,
Peter T, Peter V, Thomas and Andreas (ndrezza)
Hello again,

9.9.18 was a great day. We lifted the ip-restrictions to our PROD environment and went live for everyone.
Today, we are happy to announce that the first masternode is now ENABLED.

Join us at https://app.crowdnode.io

Best regards,
Andreas, CEO of CrowdNode.io
Dear all,

We have an important update regarding our KYC compliance.
We have received clarification from the Danish FSA in response to the required level of KYC and AML procedures. In short, we have no obligations to collect KYC/AML-documentation.
As a response to the clarification, we no longer require identification documents from our members.
Consequently, when signing up to CrowdNode, basic personal information will be optional; however, we recommend to complete it for security reasons.

Our terms of service have been updated to reflect this change and all customers will be prompted to acknowledge these at signup.

We are glad that we finally have some clear guidelines. Following this, we will take steps to delete the documentation in order to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
If this raise any questions, please let us know through our contact widget where we will be happy to answer.

Cheers, The CrowdNode-team