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Converting Large Amounts of Fiat to Dash

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Split you money through top 3-4 top exchanges and setup small walls (or hidden orders, I believe bitfinex has this feature).
I'm assuming there is no way to avoid KYC/AML verifications for fiat to crypto?

What about one of the BTC payroll options?
KYC/AML are generally for crypto -> fiat. Going from fiat -> BTC -> DASH shouldn't trigger anything.
KYC/AML are generally for crypto -> fiat. Going from fiat -> BTC -> DASH shouldn't trigger anything.

Actually many exchanges require verification to even trade fiat, and I don't know of any that don't require verification to make a deposit. Even then, almost all severely limit deposits. This is really a problem that prevents significant investment in crypto. I don't think crypto will ever die, but these kinds of regulations prevent adoption.

But, I'm hoping I am wrong and am hoping someone knew of an exchange that would accept fiat without verification. Not that I have any problem with verification, but certain govnments seem to label anyone transacting $5,000+ (especially in crypto!) as terrorist money launderers.
Not to digress... but the most successful communities are self-policing. I think for crypto to really succeed, the community needs to organize itself to attack child pornography, inhumane and illegal sex trafficking, and terrorism. Cheers to Anonymous for organizing an attack against ISIS.

As Micon said, "Math does not bow to guns."

To avoid the "guns", to avoid severe regulations against us, I would implore everyone in crypto to turn in anyone involved in any of the above to the authorities. Let's avoid yet another black eye on the community and become champions of the common human - the human (masses) that we hope will adopt crypto, the people we are building this for...
Are you a customer of a commercial bank or an offshore bank?

Neither. At the moment I am bank free. I made the transition to crypto last year, and made a total pivot in my investment company. I do have a modest level of credibility and HNW investors who would like to continue to invest with me. At the moment, I don't see any way they can.
[A popular online wallet] did contact me asking for what I would characterize as extreme levels of inquiry and verification. Something beyond what I ever experienced in the ultra-regulated investment world. When I refused to respond they canceled my account. Since I'm all-in with my own portfolio, it's not an extreme concern, but I am looking for a solution for investors.
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