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Chrome Extension : Dash Price Monitor



Hello Everyone !

Isn't it sad, when you want to quickly know the current price of Dash in your local currency, but you have to open multiples tabs to get it in USD and then do the conversion in your own country currency ?
Instead, what if I could check the price without changing my tabs in Chrome ?

Well, I'm way too lazy for opening a Tab each time I want to check, so I made a Chrome Extension.

It's very basic for now, but it display the actual price of Dash in 33 different currency, with fresh exchange rates from the ECB itself, and the computed data from coinmarketcap.

It notifies you (See settings to deactivate that feature), if the price goes in a ATH or an ATL.
It allows you to set some stuff (refresh rates, precision, nothing too fancy... yet ;)).

And If you really really lazy, by clicking on the Dash Button, you have the direct link to the community (dash forums, reddit, website, twitter, youtube...)

So, that's all for now. I will maintain it in a regular basis (new feature, fix issues etc...) as I'm use it on my own.

So, do not hesitate to test it, it's on the Chrome Store => https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dash-price/acgkalgdbjdhcfofjhmogbkfgelmfloo

And if you want to drop any idea, issue, see how it's coded (excuse the mess :p) you can do all that on GitHub (https://github.com/Alex-Werner/dash-price) , or in this Thread

I hope it will help !

Have a great day !
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Nice extension! I'm using it right now and I'm having a problem configuring notifications: when I press SAVE my changes revert, so I can't disable notifications.
Nice extension! I'm using it right now and I'm having a problem configuring notifications: when I press SAVE my changes revert, so I can't disable notifications.

Yeah, I saw that (edited the first post to let know). I'm really sorry about that. It's a regression and a annoying one, I will try to update a fix as quickly as I can (will try today but tomorrow If I can't before).
For the meantime, you can hack the stuff by setting the lower price to 0 and higher to 50. Sorry again.
I try to make this hack, but it's not working )

Don't worry, I've fixed it. It could took up to 1 hours (most of the time ~15min) until it's up on the store.
Please check the version number it has to be 1.2.3 (if not, wait a little).

If you find having some weird comportment (like for exemple, the digits being blocked to the 1 number after the comma, or may be an issue with the refresh).
You could fix it by two solutions :
- Set a value in the fields notification
- Uninstall the widget, and reinstall it from the store. It's an issue with the localStorage (where preference data are saved), by reinstall it, the localStorage will be cleaned up (only for this widget), and then it will works again.

Really sorry about it.
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Has this been vetted by anybody?

Newbie post with newbie software.....

I don't think so.....
I don't think so... but you might check yourself the code here as all is open source : "https://github.com/Alex-Werner/dash-price" or by checking the options.html and background.html source code :)

It might worth mentionning, in order to may be make you feel a little more confortable with it, that I'm working with the Dash Back-End team as you can see here : https://www.dash.org/team/

I needed an easy tool for myself, and I tought good to share it, there is absolutely no malefic idea behind that widget :(
About why it's a noob software, well I address a quick solution to a little problem I had. And yeah, I agree, it's a real noob, but it's has ben done last night after work, it might be way better, I might adress this problem in a second time.
BTW, If you have any advice on how to un-noobify it, I would like to know :D
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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to keep you informed : you might want to upgrade the software (in chrome://extensions/ click the "update extensions now) as I realease a new version (1.3.0) which has a more friendly look (hard to do worse, you might think) and a new feature in it (see screens below).

You will now be able to manually refresh the plugin if you want (by clicking on the refresh button next to the dash logo) and access directly to the options inside the same window (by clicking the gears button).

You will also notice that you will be able to monitor your total dash wealth instead of the price. (AND EVEN your debt by setting negative value in it :p)

I had some issues on the 1.2.1, which I corrected with the 1.2.3, I hope you will accept my deep apologies for that.
In this version (1.3.0), I've now setup a validation of your saved data in order to avoid this problem to happen again (As in any software, I can't guarentee that there won't be any bug in the future, so If you think you have encounter one, do not hesitate to create an issue on the GitHub repo).

As always, do not hesitate to submit any need you might have so I can implement them in it.


- Able to track/monitor your dash wealth in fiat-equivalent live :)
- Less ugly
- Options are in the same window that the rest
- ECB rates refresh itself each 4 hours (it wasn't before)
- You can set manual refresh yourself
- Fix corrupt previous data



You are certainly doing a great job! I'm using it since you published it and it has seen nice improvements in little time. Keep it up!
I've got a small problem. I cannot see full price of Dash. Price of Dash in my currency runs in thousands and I can only see the first 2 digits. It seems like there is no space for the entire price to be displayed.
Thank you for the support :)

@AnarchicCluster I had saw that problems with the Korean Won, or Hungarian Florint, Indonesian etc...

My first advice would to tell to your local central bank that devaluation is not good, as the local woodchopper won't made any more money if people start to find it's cheaper to burn local notes than buying and burning wood. But as it seems that it's more complicated than just sending a email and the Guillotine is not an object you can (yet..) buy with Dash. I've added two little settings that could help.

Let's take this exemple :
The price of a Dash in IDR (indonesian) is 1 020 999 (I really first checked that it wasn't a bug on my side... But no.. People there seems to like to use moving truck and fill it with IDR notes to buy their baguette).
So the display is by default 1020.... Hovering on the widget display the price, but hey, not usable. So click on it, go on settings and setting these params :

Price Precision : 0.0, Multiplier/Divider : /1000 (or PP:0.00, M/D: /10000); These settings would display 1021.0 (or 102.10).

So in fact you would have the price : 1 Dash = 1021K IDR

That's the solution I've found, but any advice (You might have a cultural solution to use that in a more handy way, if so, I don't have knowledge of it) on how I can help you with that is more than welcome.