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Checking out some DASH DAPPS by DashMoney 👀


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A developer @DashMoney has recently created a few DAPPS on testnet that we check out in this thread. All you need to get started is your mobile phone, or PC browser and some time. The first thing to do is to create a wallet and fund it. The DAPP that you use to do that is,



Start by creating a new wallet, be sure to copy the seed phrase and store it in a notepad, sticky, on your phone, or pin it in your clipboard. You will need to re-enter this to login to the DAPP again and login to the other DAPPS. Copy your Dash address too, this is for funding it from the faucet.


Goto to the faucet at https://testnet-faucet.dash.org/ or http://faucet.test.dash.crowdnode.io/ both are linked in the screen above
Enter your Dash address and complete the captcha challenge and get free tDASH instantly !


Your account should now be funded! You are now ready to purchase a Evo name! This name will uniquely identify you on Platform and allow you to send and receive payments to and from others!


The name I purchased was Bart.


One more thing to do on this DAPP while you're here, is to top up your identity, be sure to do it a few times as the error checking on low account balance is not too smart at the moment. You can also register some alias' to go with your primary username if you like.
Next DAPP we cover is.


This DAPP is basically the DashPay DAPP that allows you to send Dash to a user name and receive Dash from a user name, so let's check it out. I am login with my xkcd username and I am trying to send 0.00321 Dash to bart.


This is failing because bart has not yet registered for this DAPP, so let's do something about that.


Bart enables himself for this DAPP.


Now xkcd can try to send those funds again.


And this time the transaction is successful !


and bart can view his transaction history too.


Remember to keep your identity topped up! and onto the next DAPP.


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The third DAPP in the series is probably my favourite, it's Dash Shout Out !


Login to Dash Shout Out (DSO) and use the buttons below to create a message and shout it to the world!


You can now see it on the main thread along with all the other shouts!


You can also tag specific identities to draw their attention to your shout !

This is Bart's view.


and his reply!


Check out the For You tab also and the Direct Message feature. :cool:

On to the next DAPP !
The final DAPP we're reviewing today is the Dash Get Together DAPP.


This DAPP mimics chatrooms for more direct discussion on certain topics! 🐈‍⬛

Once you login you will see your groups, those that you've created or being invited too. This is xkcd's view.


You can easily create a new group, here we are creating a group called Wall St. cats 🐈


and now the group appears on your main screen.


Use the invite feature to invite another user, I've invited bart and when he logs in, he can see that he has been invited to this group


So, he accepts that invite to join the group.


Now that he has joined, he can see this group too and chat in it.


Now both can chart with each other trustlessly, without censorship on the Dash blockchain!

Check out the above DAPPS and let us know what you think, can you find any bugs? Are there features missing, what DAPP would you like to see? @DashMoney also has an ongoing proposal https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DashMoney-Dapp-Development-July-2023 for https://dashgetpaid.com/ and we really look forward to that one too! If you like the work he is doing, consider supporting him with your votes. You can vote with your masternode, or if you don't have one, you can vote directly from Crowdnode too!